Uggg the Alarm Clock

Yesterday I started a new job
it's only temporary but it feels 
well bitter sweet

I haven't worked for months and months and months
and well I got spoiled.
Time no longer seemed to matter
What time I got out of bed or into bed made no difference

But I will get use to it soon

Not sure about you...
but new situations make me very uncomfortable
The simplest of tasks I fumble up
and the things that come out of my mouth...
oh I hate to even think about it 

I get the most anxious about answering the phones
I've always hated phones
So wish me luck because the new job 

My first day was actually pretty okay
My employer who is a family friend 
says I can dress like a princess
this is shocking!
and it will take some nerve to dress as I normally do
but at-least Project Dress Up can still go on as it did before

So you're probably wondering what the photos are from?

Well after work I walked over to Anthroplogie 
It was a wonderful way to rejuvenate after a long day

All the photographs were taken with my iphone and then edited with picnik

I love visiting this store
It was a constance source of inspiration during my school years 

So much eye candy!
What do you do to relax or rejuvenate after a long day at work or with the kiddies?


Chelsea Ling said...

Good luck with the new job! I feel the same way as you.. I get anxious at new situations especially new JOBS, bleh! I'm job hunting too but I have two more weeks to go in the cast..

creative breathing said...

A princess at work! They will love you! Good luck! E

tammyCA said...

I can relate - I've always hated phones at jobs, same anxious feelings.
Ha, I come-a-blogging to seeing what's happening with all the creative people such as yourself. BTW, you're dressing up is just adorable - I don't know why you aren't in the magazines - 'course, they are sadly disappearing left & right. Hey, you could model for Anthropologie. :)

Christy said...

Good luck on your new job chelsea! You would be a breath of fresh air at work with your adorable, lovely dressing style!