Why I Love my Mail Lady

I've been supper busy as of late.
With a new job, custom orders, new project ideas for Keepsake Cakes, 
an endless list of chores and my commitments in blog land and so on and so on...
My little blog seems to be growing in popularity!
This is very exciting but I'm straining to say hello and thank you 
to each and everyone of you who share in my silly happy world.
Thank you new followers and all of you who take the time
to write a little note- 
they mean soooo much to me and I wish you all the best
I will try my darndest to visit you all when time becomes available.

So anywho~
todays post is about boxes, packages, and pretty things wrapped and tied with a bow!
Yupp I'm talking mail! 
and boy has my mail box been busy lately
with gifts, giveaways, and the occasional naughty purchase on my part.
sssshhhh don't tell my hubby!

The first box was a GIANT package full of endless treasures from my best pal Sadie Lou Who.
The goodies just kept on coming and I shrieked with excitement with each item I unwrapped.
I wish I had time to photograph them all but among them was the giant green gingham cake and a really special doll banner - a special hostess gift for the All Dolled Up party. 
You can find more of  Sadie's creations in her shop or check out her photo-stream
this gal has an amazing creative spirit! 
She is a true inspiration and such a dear dear friend!

I've also been receiving packages from Lollishop vender Artful Memories
I just love her supply shop!

I've always wanted to buy these sweet little mushrooms...
so when I started making my Little Fawn Teacake I just knew what was missing
and where to find them

I won a gift card to my pal Evelyn's shop!
I've had my eye on this piece for a long while... so I snatched it up.
Now I just have to decide if I am keeping it for myself or giving it to my sister who is studying equestrian something or other in school. 

I also received this sweet little aceo from Jennifer of Mouser Kins
jennifer is a supper talented artist and I guess this piece came about because I was encouraging her to do something for the All Dolled Up party.

Lastly I thought I would share something else that makes me very giddy and happy...
Lollishops new front page!
Every day the front page will have featured items much like etsy treasuries does

& I've already been featured twice!


KayEllen said...

Happy St. Patty's Day ;-)

Just stopped by to say hi and looks like you have been busy!!!


Christy said...

There's no joy like receiving sweet stuff in the mail. Enjoy your goodies!

apparentlyjessy said...

I would be in love with your postman/woman if I were you too! I can just imagine how delightful it would have been to unwrap those pretties! :)

*Evelyn* said...

wow thank you so much!!
you are so lucky....
I was afraid that the parcel was lost ...

I also really like to find the mail full of parcels,
just buy them, are not gifts ...LOL...

you know, you have a beautiful house ...

My house is entirely modern, is very different here in Italy for you ... we are much more futuristic ...
also in the way they dress, but I like more your style!

Thank you Cheers
Have a nice day !!


Jacqueline said...

I have a pretty huge obsession with mail. I don't remember when my 'mail thing' started, but I'm completely and totally obsessed. It isn't about simply getting mail goodness either, although that's excellent and very exciting, it's about checking the mail, packaging, putting the mail out, visiting the post office, having nice stamps on hand (for mailing things), and others!

I love your goodies...so sweet and so lovely! Have a lovely merry happy day and lots of love to you and yours!

ATeaLeaf said...

//// Snail mail rocks my socks! :)

urban craft said...

Great score. You are so lucky. I am jealous.

creative breathing said...

All success so richly deserved! Congratulations! E

Sophie said...

Super cute blog, just discovered it. Congrats of the features :D.

Kristen said...

I'm in LOVE with your mirror & lamp shade!!!! I just watched your video~ you are too cute :) I loved it!