My Life This Week

Hey everyone!
Thank you so much for all you sweet words you left for me on my last post
As much as I embrace my goofy silly nature
it was a real leap of faith 
that you would all accept and love me just as I am!
So onto this week
actually the picture above is from last week Project Dress Up Wk 10
This red dress is one of my personal favs
I adore wearing red and it's so comfy and even has polka dots
I'm also always cold and having to hide my outfits 
with sweaters so I just love that this dress has long sleeves :)

I think it was just last week that I promised 
I would take pictures of my estate finds?
Well here are a few
I found all three tins!
I've always wanted a start a tin collection
I think I will limit it to flowers only
I love the bright happy colors

This is the little spring vignette atop my dinning room shelf 
Do you see a new Teacake?
I will show more pictures on Friday
oh and reveal my bonnet for the easter bonnet contest
(you can find the link at the bottom left sidebar of my little blog)
The house is no longer with me
in-fact just yesterday it arrived in it's new home

Miss Sadie Lou Who and I did a little swap
well really it was a really big supper sweet swap
the best swap ever!
I've also been super busy working on a super duper
 large gingerbread house custom order
I'll share my progress on the project soon :)

Last but not least
I've been baking Cake Cookies like a mad woman!
For friends, family, and coworkers... and my hubby too
These yummy cookies are sooooo easy to make
and so super yummy and moist!
Just buy already made frosting and confetti cake mix
the directions are on the side of the box
:) mmmmmm!


Anonymous said...

Love Love the Red Chelsea Ann!!! I hope you either find a pair of red shoes or sneakers to go with the outfit?

Jacqueline said...

Im loving your red dress! Those are such lovely goodies! Thank you for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Christy said...

Hello chelsea! What a fabulous red dress and you look gorgeous in it! Your estate finds are awesome esp. the cadbury rose chocolate tin!

apparentlyjessy said...

Red definitely suites you!
The tins are great finds, I love the old fashioned style flowers on them.
I am intrigued what the super big gingerbread house order is for...? Wouldn't they look great in a candy land themed wedding? They are so charming :)
oh those cake cookies look so good!

our little love nest said...

I am in awe. This is the softest, cutest blog I have ever seen! You make me want you as a best friend....too adorable...and those cookies...YUM!
~dee :)

Anonymous said...

how cute are your socks!!!

brandi milne said...

You are so girlie, I love it!! Come see my blog - art, paintings, handmade humpty dumpty!!

Anonymous said...