MY 1st ever V-log! My Record Collection

This is perhaps the most excited and nervous 
I have ever been before I send a blog post out into the world
I know Mondays are for Project Dress Up
but I was too excited 
my first ever

I'm sure most of you know by now that I am a giant dork
but still I wonder if you are all truly prepared to see the "REAL ME"?
Well here it is
My first ever video made just for you!

I had NO idea what I was doing. 
So I pretty much just let the camera roll and just kept on talk'n
Wasn't quite as hard as I thought
I'm a natural born Chatty Cathy after-all
but geez is it strange to see myself in all my dorky glory
messing up lyrics, titles, and that crazy lip of mine going all elvis on me
It was actually a blast to make.
I'm not much for typing anyways
I figure this way I could show off my thrift store finds
and my works in progress
what do you think?


Kate Gabrielle said...

I love the absolute craziness :)
I have the Mary Poppins record (my favorite is supercalfragilisticexpialidocious) I'm sure I spelled that wrong..
Does the Strawberry Shortcake album have "We Could Be Berry Good Friends" on it? I used to love that song!
& I love Disney World too! When I eventually, one of these days, finally have a honeymoon I want to go there too. I want to spend one entire day just in Mickey's Philharmagic. That's my favorite.

lovely little deer said...

Me and my hubby Davie were giggling with you, so sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!

Anonymous said...

I simply love your outfit and I agree with you being a Pooh Bear!! Would you say that your outfits reflect Winnie the Pooh's adventurous spirit? Are you planning to have other dress themes?

Christy said...

You're sooo adorable chelsea! Looking forward to more of your video posts!

Treasuresofjoy said...

I love the video!
I was just telling my daughter that I had the Wizard of Oz Album when I was growing up. I am only 38... anyways, the snow white album is so neat looking. Great finds.

Bethany Hissong said...

I secretly watched my Pooh video in college and sang "I'm just a little black rain cloud" too!! And Pooh's exercise song!! I think we'd be best friends!!! You're so cute... you have a great husband in that he supports all of your loves!!!

Chelsea Ling said...


this video is soooo cute and endearing. I <33333 you!! so happy we are friends. You are just like ME!! :)


Shari said...

Silly old Pooh Bear, silly old Chelsea!! Very sweet and cute - love those old kiddie records!

Anonymous said...

I loved this! You are just too adorable. So fun to see you and hear you. I loved seeing all your records, I still have all my Disney records from when I was little. I have always wanted to work at Disneyland too. I remeber when I was a kid, I saw a special about the Disney Imagineers and I decided that was what I wanted to do. Of course that never happened, but I still dream about it. Anywho, I think your first V-Log was a success!

ATeaLeaf said...

Weeee... congratulations on your first vlog, my dear friend. I can see this as the beginning of many more fun videos featuring you! :)

creative breathing said...

Chelsea Ann, you are just as I imagined you would be! Animated and lovely! With your sense of style, this is a wonderful addition to your whimsical blog! You are not the same person you were last winter. You have found yourself Chelsea Ann! Horray for you! E

valerie said...

yay! that was really cute! i went to disneyland when i was 4 and got that same small world album. i still have it and cherish it... if you can believe it, the small world ride gave me nightmares! however, now days i think i'd find it magical... i just love mary blair! (she did the illustrations on the cover and designed the ride!) i recently read this post about the sad changes being made.

thanks for sharing your awesome collection!

Mallory said...

I'm so jealous of all your Disney records! I obsessively look for records at every thrift store / yard sale I find, but the only Disney record I've ever found is Mary Poppins... the cover is different than yours though - it's Bert & Mary in skipping down a path during "Jolly Holiday". I HAVE found a ton of old musical records though... with awesome illustrated cover art.

Anyway. Loved your video log!

gina said...

That is so great! You did a fabulous job overcoming your stagefright. I'm looking forward to the next one.

Jacqueline said...

This is put such a huge smile on my face!! Thank you thank you for sharing the vedio with us! Chelsea, your soo pretty! Looking forward to more! Have a lovely merry happy day and lots of love to you!

Sandy Michelle said...

Hello! You be-friended me on flickr so I had to come over and check out your creations. You are so talented and your blog is full of eye candy!How cool that you still have your record player! You are sooo cute!

Sandy xox

apparentlyjessy said...

Oh, you are such a cute happy birdie! Your video made me smile :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha :) I love your video ! You are woonderful !!! Lovely voice too :) Have a great day :) Your blog looks like you ! Lovely !!! xo

tammyCA said...

You're just as adorable as your pics & posts! You seem very natural in front of the camera.
We were just at Disneyland the other day for my daughter's birthday. They re-did "Small World" and it is all reglittered! I have a few vintage children's records (small ones), but I have seen albums at thrift stores & resisted buying 'cuz I just have too much stuff (and, no record player anyway)...but, I love the graphics.
I just gave my baby nephew the Hallmark ornament of the Fisher Price barn as a gift (suppose to be for last Christmas, but I forgot to send it)...and, one of my happy thrift store finds was the Fisher Price house that I see you have, too. Said baby nephew was sticking chewed up lollipop in the window of it today. lol.