I DO: promise to take Project Dress Up to the extremes!

It all started with a pair of tickets...
for a special night out on the town

And my silly, wonderful...

handsome husband who agreed to play along

As silly as my request was
my wonderful husband agreed to play along in the most 
outrageous Project Dress Up yet!


Life is too short not to be silly
And life is defiantly too short to only wear your wedding gown ONCE!

This Project Dress Up meant so much to me
My Jimbob was very sick on our wedding day 
and so the festivities ended in the afternoon
this was our second chance to live out the second half 
of our wedding day!

And feel oh sooooo

It was a day full of fun and romance!

A Day full of magic!

I Love You

and my best pal Alissa too
for sharing the day with us
and capturing all if our silly wonderful moments
Alissa is an amazing artist and a constant source of inspiration for me
You should take a little jog over to her New blog... she has no comments yet :(

P.S. the fun isn't quite over!
You can read a special interview I did all about my "real" wedding .
Lindsay of Things with Wings asked if I could share a bit about how I planned my wedding on a teeny tiny little budget. There are also some photos over there that I have never before shared with you all. :)

Happy Monday Everyone!


valerie said...

i just read your interview. your photos are gorgeous and your wedding was beautiful! how fun to dress up in your wedding gown again. your husband must be so honored to have such an adorable wife!

Alissa said...

Lovely, lovely, LOVELY post!

jen said...

You are adorable...and your husband is great...looks like he has a wonderful sense of humor! This looks like fun!

Kristen said...

He might have to be nominated for the "Worlds Best Husband" Those pictures are Beautiful and you both looked like you were having lots of fun :)
How awesome is that Red Wallpaper(in the first couple pictures)Where were you???

Lindsay said...

These pics are wonderful, and I got lots of comments on my blog thanks to your post! You are lovely!

creative breathing said...

Your special day was extraordinary. How many of wish we could have "dress up" days! E

Tiffany said...

Beautiful! The two of you look like so much fun too - haha.

Jacqueline said...

Lovely post and lovely photos! I love you dress and your shoes! Have a merry happy day and love to you and yours!

rosebonbon said...

I love your project dress-up - I love to dress up, too and do so when I have the chance (or I'll just make one up!) Anyway, I agree with you on the wedding dress! I just put mine in a shop window I'm decorating! And life IS too short, you're right! I'm sorry to hear about your job - but I'm sure you'll bring so much fun to the place!


rwbjconklin said...

Such a sweet post! I adore the pictures.

Gina said...

How fun!!! You must have a very supportive husband. Mine would croak before I could get him to dressed up like that and take pics to share.