Setting Up Shop

Setting up shop is quite a lot of work. And I haven't even begun to upload on to Etsy - hopefully I don't have any problems on that end! Loosing my blog layout was not a very good start to the week. But I'm in a better mood today!

So I thought I would give you a little sneak peak of two items that will be in the shop!


Two Mitzy dolls - 1980

They are the sweetest set of doll heads I've ever seen. 
Unfortunately for me I don't really sew so I'm passing this fun find to you!


One original framed collage by ME!
Entitled: Practice

This piece features two little girls diligently practicing the piano.
I think it turned out adorable!


Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for you about your blog layout... But I can tell you that your blog is still and always so very lovely :)

Beautiful dolls of the 80's and you have a lovely book about Baby's name too !

Have a lovely day today :)))

kayellen said...

Your framed photos remind a little of Holly Hobbie...I'm I dating myself?!
childhood memories...


chelsea said...

Chelsea Ann,
I got your sweet lil' cake in the mail today! What a sweet surprise for my day. Thank you so much! It's so cute. I did alittle post about it on my blog

ps...The box held up really great in shipping!

Barbara Brown said...

congratulations, you are my winner. come on over and see what you've won then leave me an email with your mailing address. good luck on your store also.