Work in Progress - Doily Crowns

I've been working on some new ideas for my little shop.
As you can see from my little sneak peak they are quite different
from my usual very bright yoyo creations.
Understandably, both ideas are a little over the top
for everyday wear,
well unless you are like me that is :)
But I think that especially the crown style one
would be most sweet for young flower girls

I created my first doily crown using this tutorial from
There are many similar tutorials available all over the web.
Not one that I read used the same fabric stiffener,
so I think you really can try whatever is available
to you at your own local craft store.

I so love how they turned the doily bowl into a flower basket.
Such a delicate touch.

I will be sure to share more with you soon
however, as I have no talent in either knitting or crocheting
it will take me a bit of time to source out all the doilies I will need

Photo frame: Kitschy Digitals


Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Yay for more Chelsea Ann adorableness :~)

la boom! said...

They are so cute! :D

Megan V said...

Adorable and I can't wait to see more!! :) xo

мaямellatส said...

those are so NOT too much for everyday wear!
I would wear them to a picnic or to church oooor to go out with friends :D there is so many places I would love to show them off, they are adorable.

as to the comments in my blog,
I try to put as many links as I can when I find them in the artists page but lots of pictures/drawings, including that one you liked, I've found in some random tumblr so who knows who actually drew it :(

thank you for your lovely comments dear, they made me smile so big! Winnie is the cutest & Minnie will always have my heart :) & uhhh! my boyfriend made fun of first aid kit :( to him they are "too folky" haha, yeah whatever.
I'm happy to hear you've enjoyed them too ♥

thank you again for the love ittybittybirdiy ♥
have a happy sunday!~


Ashley said...

your blog is ADORABLE. Im obsessed!!!