Our Summer Style

It's sad that thrift stores can't sell many of the vintage things we so love.
Vintage children's book because of possible lead poisoning is one such example.
I hate to even ponder for too very long on what treasures are deemed "unsafe"
and chucked into the recycle pile each and every day.
I'm certainly not saying I let me babes teeth on vintage books and toys,
but I do so very much love to read them together
 and use them in my decorating and crafting.
One thrift store in our area has a free "scrap" wood area where you can rummage
through for items deemed unsafe or unsellable.
Boy was I thrilled when I came across two crib ends a few weeks ago.
I now have 5 crib ends in my possession!

I use them in the yard, as chalkboards,
and this one I just finished painting 
for my summer mantle.

This arrangement really brings together a lot of my favorite things 

Milk glass, swirly tapered candles, and this fab
1970s plastic wreath. 

But of all the vintage items I own
I really love my collection of vintage kids clothes the most.
I've been collecting for over 10 years!
That's way way way before I was blessed with my two babes!

This handmade romper just barely fit today. 
I can't believe how fast my little pickle is growing.
I'll probably cut this one up and use in my crafting,
It's got stains on top of stains but still isn't it just the sweetest!?

Petey is wearing a handmade romper as well.
Yeah, it was probably made for a girl,
but who cares.
He looks boyishly handsome to me!


Anonymous said...

love them!!!!

Mrs Robinson said...

I cannot believe how much pickle looks like Jim! Love you & miss you!