*New* The Lollipop Lane Collection

It is a busy and exciting time for me right now.
As many of you know Lolli Shops is now open
& while there are still many bugs to work out the site is super cute and I am very excited and thrilled to be a part of it from the very beginning. 

Tomorrow will be the big day for many of us at Lolli Shops because it will be the day that our gingerbread houses will be voted on! I am not normally a competitive person but this challenge really got me in the spirit. It was a rocky start, with a number of flops but once I decided to try and use the same method as my Keepsake Cakes there was no stopping me. In fact I not only made 1 but think 6 houses.

The hardest part was deciding what house to enter in the contest! But I finally decided I should enter the first house I made. (which is the house at the top of this post)

Each gingerbread house is super unique... 
& there are many, many more pictures to see.

Please stop by my new shop - Keepsake Cakes
I will be adding more and more items next week.
Until then, my items and I will be at the Art Institute of Portland from the 4-6th.
If your in the area I would love it if you would stop by!

P.S. Please let me know if your interested in any of my items in this post or the one below... I am more than happy to list an item or two before the craft fair. :)


ATeaLeaf said...

These are great Chelsea! I especially love the snow frosting and the fuzzy trees! :)

Chelsea Ling said...

oh my GOSH chelsea these are SOOOOO cute!!! your photos look awesome!! wow :) yay! so happy for you.

valerie said...

wow, chelsea, these are very cute. every time i see something new you made, i think that's the cutest she's made so far! and your stuff was already too adorable. good luck on the contest!

Bethany Hissong said...

I saw these on your Flickr page and fell in love with them! You are so talented! I absolutely love when I'm transported to a different world when I look at art and that's what your photos did!! Good luck at your show and with the voting!!!

creative breathing said...

Chelsea, you outdid yourself! You are an amazing artist. Every little detail is so well thought out. You always bring a smile to my day! E