C is for Cookies

Todays Post is ALL about Cookies
It's the perfect time of year to dust off your cook book
or sift through that giant bin of misc. recipes
and share the sweet goodness of a homemade treat!

Nothing is quite as sweet
as the satisfaction of serving your loved ones
a fresh batch of homemade cookies
although I must admit my cookies are not usual from scratch

in fact my favorite cookies to bake
are from the Confetti Cake Mix
oh yes with Cake frosting too!
YUMMM! They always come out so moist~
just like cake!

My favorite cookie of all time is without a doubt, Double Stuffed Oreos
I actually must admit that I have a bit of an Oreo problem
I honesty could substitute Oreos for any and every meal of the day!

I also LOVE macaroons!
My favorite is Carmel because it has the perfect balance of sweet and salty

Many of us are gearing up for the Holidays
and most of us will bake a batch or two or twenty of our favorite holiday cookie
Here are some decorating ideas sure to bring joy to those you hold dear

I was just too thrilled when i found two more pages from this National Geographic Christmas Feature on making Cookie Christmas Ornaments. Wish I knew the year?

So while I might not be the best baker in town
I did bake up something a litle sweet
& I would love to send 3 lucky friends
their own Sweet as Can Be - Macaroon Postcard
If receiving this little treat in the mail would just make your afternoon
Just leave a comment!
Please make sure that I have proper contact info
incase your profile has no e-mail or blog information.
I will reveal the winners Monday!

One last little thing,
I just have to show off my new supper cute, supper comfy crochet slippers
form etsy seller Craft Junky!

Thanks for stopping by!
HUGS! ~ Chelsea Ann


Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey love bug,
eeekkk so sweet!!!
your cookies are fabulous.
love an edible tree.
have fun

Anonymous said...

Aww what a sweet drawing! I love macaroons.

sassypackrat said...

I would so love to have the sweet Macaroon Postcard! ;0)

As a child we once made cookie dough ornaments and let me tell you they lasted forever. I think it was only about 5 years ago we had to finally throw them away because a weird mold attacked them. Too bad cause my daughter enjoyed hanging those cookies on the tree every year to celebrate a fun thing from my childhood.

milk and cookeez said...

Chelsea, I would love to have that wee little macaroon, you KNOW how I covet your art.
Amazingly enough, there is a spot on my wall waiting under my cotton candy right to my right :)
BTW I love the Pic of you and your puppykins by the oven-way to sweet!
Thanks Tammy

Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee!
Yum cake cookies. Never made those before! If you love oreos look up oreo truffles. A hit in my family they love them everytime I make them and they are soooo easy its nuts! Cute card please enter me and then come by my blog to check out my cookie recipe! hugs


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

Hey hun!! darling post!! Love how you make your blog so cute! You must put lots of time in to it!! :-) I always feel guilty because my blogs get no attention from me and never really have looked the way I want them too. Oh,well. Someday maybe. lol. Hope you are having a great week sweetie!! I am thinking about doing the get together thing for Valentines time instead of Christmas. I am just so darn sick :-( You still going to craftywonderland? Maybe we can meet up :-) This is long. I should have written an email. lol. Oh,well. have a great day!! xoxo :-) B

agravette said...

I love your little postcard! It is just adorable! Just in case I win, my email address is jasongravette@aol.com. Thanks so much for the chance!

agravette said...
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mendytexas said...

Cake cookies are so yummy!! Thanks for showing us yours...ooh la la! Love your pictures too! :)mendy

Megan V said...

If you love oreos... then you NEED to try making Bakerella's Oreo Truffles!!! They're super easy/fun to make and are SOOO good. My family of 20 people ate a batch of them in about 20 minutes! Haha!!

Stephanie O. said...

Gotta agree with you that oreos are very tasty. I love the confetti cake mix as cupcakes so bet using it for cookies is awfully good too. I really like the whimsical look of your blog. Very cool...

annemarie said...

What a yummy post - must go get some cookies baked!!

KayEllen said...

What an adoirable post!!
So sweet:) and yummy!

Christmas blessings to youuuuu!

Hugs right back at you!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Priscila said...

I’m new here to your blog and wanted to “pop” in to say hi! : )
If you would like come check out my blog and enter my current giveaway at littlemissheirlooms.blogspot.com
I hope you decided to follow me because I try to bring my readers a new and AMAZING giveaway every Monday!

Theresa N. said...

The crocheted slippers are wonderful.
Theresa N

apparentlyjessy said...

For several years now every Christmas we invite my boyfriends sister over to help us decorate gingerbread cookies. It is always fun and we laugh together as we decorate them. Sometimes we make them into super silly characters, like a Batman angel hybrid, or a star made into Patrick from Spongebob.
It is a tradition we began that I hope to continue for many years, and I am really looking forward to it this year. My only problem is I am yet to find the perfect gingerbread cookie recipe!!

I would so love to win a Macaroon postcard, to add to my Ittybittybirdy collection! I will cross my fingers and wish very hard! xox

Folksie Linda said...

Hi Chelsea Ann, Your cookies look wonderful..where's that milk.. and your sweet macaroom card is adorable and I just love those knitted cozy slippers! I saved her to my favorites!

Nicki said...

Oh my goodness, I feel like I could have been writing this post, love that confetti cake mix, love macaroons and oreos! Love those cute slippers! Thanks for the adorable post!

Batterie said...

YumYum, cookies!
And yumyum, Macaroons!
That is such a cute postcard, I hope I can win! Ah, the fun part is that we have the same first name, so it's to Chelsea, from Chelsea, if I am lucky enough to win! I guess I just love simple little pleasures like that, and getting a cute postcard isn't just gonna make my day....it'll start my holidays right!

Parisa said...

Wow,so beautiful slippers!!! :D

CraftJunky said...

Hi Chelsea! Slippers really look great on your feet! Fits just perfect! Thanks for including it here in your very cute blog.