Retro Sweet

First off... I"M SOOOOO SORRY
no Hello Kitty gingerbread houses today
I was so close to meeting my own imaginary deadline
but a few mishaps and no sun for photographing has put a damper on all my hard work
but rain or shine I will have 4 houses to show off and available in my shop Monday!
I won't let you down a third time!

But what I have to share today in my most humble opinion is 35 times better!
Danielle Thompson just overwhelmed my heart this week by using my Circus Party digital kit to make the most adorable itty bitty tick or treat bags for her Blythe Dolls!

I am still just beaming with joy
what a treat to see such a unique idea come to life
by someone who is such an inspiration to me!

I have to say I live vicariously through Mrs Danielle
I may never get the chance to own my own Blythe doll
I imagine by the time I do the faze will be long past done
and I will have to wait another 30 or so years before the trend circles around again.
I love how Danielle shares her thoughts about playing with dolls
Well whatever her neighbors might think
I think she is by far the most amazing artist
and I hope she doesn't let a few insecurities ever get in her way!

I love blogging and flickr and all that the lovely web has to offer
you can meet such amazing talented folks
and even overnight become best friends
One such new friend is Karli of Retro Plant
I have always admired her spunky Retro style
and I am just thrilled to share
that she has also jumped on the digital kit making band wagon!

I've been soooo busy lately that I have found it rather hard
to finish any of the 3-5 kits I'm working on
So when I saw Karli's Retro Background Pages I just had to laugh at myself
"great minds think a like"
Yupp, I've been working on my own retro inspired kit
I'm still in the early stages but her are two examples
of pages with Karlie's background pages and my retro inspired stickers.

I love vintage Hotel signs!
Karli's backgrounds are so wonderfully vibrant
and as always I can't seem to make a page without using products from the wildly wonderful and talented Danielle Thompson! I just love her Whasi Tape Frames!

Don't you wish they still made electronics look like furniture?
My grandmother recently told me she was in the market for a new TV
I'm pretty sure the TV and VCR she was looking to replace
were both the first she had ever owned
but it was too funny to talk to her because she was just appalled
that you couldn't by the tv and cabinet as one piece.
"oh yes grandma times have changed :("

Let me know if you have any ideas for retro themed items that you might like to see in the kit
Best be off... it's so cold in my little studio nook my knees are clanking together

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Retro Plants said...

you are TOO sweet Chels!

your stickers match the paper like exactly!
how did that happen?
it's almost as if we collaborated or something. . . what a kick! ;)
i guess you are right. . . great minds think alike! ;0

your stickers ROCK and i can't wait till they come out.
thanks for being so sweet and bloggin' about me. . . i really am undeserving!

and p.s. isn't Danielle's dollies so CUTE!?!
those bags she made with your product is just too much!
it was meant to be ;)

Creative Breathing said...

Chelsea Ann, How amazing to see your digital artwork come to life in this post! Absolutely adorable! E

Retro Sweets said...

Hey nicely done the pics of two dolls are really looking beautiful.

Sweets said...

I love the old fashioned look of this site. It has a real Retro Sweets looks.

Lelly said...

I like the way you are decorating your blog and of course the characters you used themselves. It pulls back a lot of memories about retro sweets and retro toys we had in our childhood.