The Craft Show and Buttons to Show and a Giveaway too

It's been a crazy couple of weeks
well who is kidding who?
it's been one CRAZY year!
Hasn't this year just flown by?
Honestly I truly can not wrap my mind around how quickly this year went by
not sure if I was just really busy, or distracted this year
but what ever the case
I hope next year goes by at a bit more manageable rate.
Anywho~ I have a TUN to catch you all up on
and I hope to be filling my blog with more nonsense
throughout the next few weeks

Crafty Wonderland was AMAZING!
over 7500 people came and went
it was so overwhelming
I met a lot of really lovely people
spent way to much money
made a little too
but mostly just had a grand ol' time

It is crazy how much time goes into preparing for such an event
there's differently those who are seasoned venders and have a system
for me it was pure chaos
my poor house is in shambles
so I invited my folks over for dinner this weekend
nothing like the stress of knowing you have company coming
to get your house back to tip top shape
as soon as I get things looking like a home again
I'll share this years Christmas decorations and such

You will notice many many new items arriving in my shop
in the next few days, weeks, - month
I have been working on so many different new ideas
and really challenging myself to come up with new unique items
and every now and then facing my greatest fear

So one such new item to introduce is...
well I must first say that I am a very very terrible girl
I have quite an impulsive nature
of which I should be ashamd
well at-least when it coming to spending my money
so after playing with my friends button machine
I had to have my own!
A HUGE purchase
but my goodness is it addicting
and hopefully sometime in my life I will pay the silly thing off :)

So the first thing I've added to my shop are some really fun button mirrors
using items from my digital kits and also my hand drawn and colored illustrations

I've also made cute coordinating sets of 3-5 small buttons
that I will be adding to the shop just as soon as I get them photographed

I'm not sure if I ever shared this drawing of a little sailer outfit
it was suppose to be for the paper dolls I was working on
but as I never figured out how to really capitalize on selling the paper-dolls
I thought I might incorporate them into collage work or something else in the near future

As you can see I got really into making these.
I pretty much did these all in one day
as my machine arrived just in time for the craft show

Christmas is a time of giving
and because you are all such great bff
If you leave a comment sharing which button mirror is your favorite
you might just be lucky enough to be receiving it the mail very very soon!
I'll announce the winner Friday!
Thanks again for all your support!
I heart you all!


laurie -magpie ethel said...

I thought that was you at Crafty and now I feel dumb for not introducing myself! I loved your outfit you had fit right in with your booth. Wasn't that a crazy, crazy fun show tho? Enjoy the rain and good luck getting the house back in order!

Rachel said...

I love the cotton candy one.

Pink Tree Studio said...

Your booth was adooooorable and so were you!!!!!

I love the Button Project and keep asking myself "Why didn't I buy an IttyBittyBirdy mirror???" Well, I'll just have to order one when you get them listed.

I loooove the Sailor Dress button and I don't think you should give up on the paper dolls!!!!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

My favorite is the little cake on the sweet!

Hugs, Carrie

Rose said...

It looks like you did a fantastic job on the craft show! Everything looks so wonderfully colourful! Too bad your not in Adelaide, i would have loved to visit your little stall!
My favourite mirror has to be the little cake with the bow on its head, just adorable, im in love with all your designs really :)
The button machine sounds like SO much fun!


Julie Ann said...

What a gorgeous looking booth you had! Wish I could have been there! I love the last button mirror on this post because there are a bunch of your sweet characters all in one! :)

milk and cookeez said...

OMG Chelsea Ann, Your Booth, your buttons Oh MY! You have been busy!
Those doll heads on Ice cream cones-too too sweet!!!!
For the giveaway, I like Love the Ice cream cone-go figure :)
But because Im impatient, and want just one more Xmas gift, Im heading to your shop-right now....

Anonymous said...

They are all darling...but that BFF one would be a great gift for my BFF, tee hee! Lovely set up at the show. And the outfit...stunning as always!

Jamie :)

Sandy Michelle said...

I love my ice cream doll!! Thanks for playing along!

Sandy xox

danielle thompon said...

**BRAVO***! you did such a fabulous job, just as i expected! YOU look adorable and your booth looks SO YOU! :-) i love everything on the table.. can i have one of each? :-) I LOOOOVE the sailor outfit mirror, thanks for putting my name in the bowl! :-) i have a small something coming in the mail to you that's been sitting in my car for literally one week. Haven't been able to brave the post office with my little terrible two year old. We even walked in one day and then walked out, with said package. Hoping to mail it today while the kid is in school! ;-)

Becca said...

All of these are so cute. I am finally starting flute lessons, after waiting over 30 years, so I think the band one is my favorite.

Amy S. said...

the bff buttons are adorable...and the ice cream cones can I pick just one?!?

thanks for the give away!

mammaliciousmamma at yahoo dot com

icandy... said...

i LOVE the ice cream cones.... anything sweet!!

Retro Plants said...

wow wow wow WOW!!!
your craft show set up was to DIE FOR Chels!
wish i could have seen it in person. . . but just so you know. . . everything you make is a sweet dream boat of craftiness. . . sugar and spice and everything nice! ;)

oh. . . and your new buttons are just adorable!!!
how fun to be able to use your designs in SOOOO many ways! ;)
i love them all.
i don't need to be in the giveaway. . . i just wanted to say "hi" and tell you how WONDERFUL all your new product looks. just fantasic hon! xo

agravette said...

I love the precious cotton candy button! If I win it, I'll give it to my mom because cotton candy is her favorite!