Christmas Scrapbook

Happy Friday everyone!
I'm very confident that we all have busy weekends ahead
from baking, cleaning, shopping, and wrapping gifts...
I wanted to thank you all for you comments about the buttons and my show display
You comments not only make me smile but they are a valued source of inspiration
so the winner is #12, ms. Amy S.

I was tickled this morning to find my ice cream button

I will be spending a good portion of my weekend working on my wedding scrapbook
as it is my gift for my family this Christmas
(i'll share with you how it turned out in the next few weeks)
I hope to finish at least one scrapbook a year
I think it would be really fun to make one entitled
"Holiday Memories"
and just share in order Christmas memories from childhood on
you could even go back as far as your grandparents
I just think it would be really fun to see them all together like that.

I have marked down my Merry Kitschmas kit to just $3.50!
I know I should probably wait until after Christmas
but what the heck :)
remember all my kits come with a print friendly file
you DO NOT have to be computer savvy :)

here are the Christmas pages I have made this year

I wish i could be more uniform with my scrapbook
but they seem to change based on my mood
I'll be able to share how I pull all the unique pages together
when I share my wedding scrapbook with you.

feel free to ask if you want to know where any off the elements
from my pages come from
also you can always jump over to my flickr
to find most of my pages
were I am pretty good
at sourcing the kits used for each page.


Kim Rakes said...

Chelsea! Your blog is such a happy place. I am smitten by the little red shoes in your header- do they have a story? do tell <3

Rose said...

How lovely all those scrapbooking pages are! I use to scrapbook, i have so many unused materials i really have to get back into it some day, its to time consuming but i use to get so much satisfaction when a page was complete :)
Happy christmas to you Chelsea Ann.



Your blog is just so fabulous! Such cute pictures of Christmas goodies! Love your outfit and that skirt is gorgeous!! Merry Christmas to you!!

Lucie said...

Such a cute outfit! Its good to have found someone who is such an avid scrapbooker like myself - it such a wonderful pastime!

I hope you had a very merry christmas!

Much love,