Pets Are People Too

I hate being late...
it's one of the things that most always sets off my anxiety issues
but yesterday I could just not get myself
in gear and post this weeks Doodley Doo
Might be because I was having one of THOSE days
or more likely because I'm not very happy with this weeks drawing

Actually I was quite pleased with the sketch
it is as usual the "coloring" that just doesn't work
I've really got to find a medium that works for me
it's really starting to drive me crazy! GRRRR

The topic this last week was me and my pets
but I kind added to it and did
me and my boys
Both Miller and Charlie are technically my dogs
but they are really my husbands dogs
not doubt about it

If Dad starts packing his suitcase
they both start acting up
they instinctively seem to know when they are going
and when they are being left behind

oh what sad puppy dog eyes my Miller Dog has
but somehow they are 10% more powerful
when he wants a bite of your cookie

I love my boys!
I always refer to them as my children
and in so many ways they are
Taking care of these two pups
is like taking care of two toddlers full-time
who NEVER grow out of the terrible 2 stage!
But oh boy do they melt your heart
when they come up for cuddles
and when they are fast asleep
I always say I hope I'm better at raising Children
than I am dogs!!!
These two rule the house!
& my Heart


sassypackrat said...

Your drawing is adorable!

Pink Trees Studio said...

I agree with sassypackrat :~) You are using colored pencils, if I remember correctly. Have you tried any other media?

apparentlyjessy said...

Your two dogs are the cutest pups! I love the sketch, and I think the dogs in the sketch are perfect...with the colouring, perhaps the bright orange for the sun is a little distracting from the foreground? I still think its lovely though!

♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

Hey girl,

I just got home today!
I love your drawing, I absolutely do!
Mine's late as well due to the vacation. But I'll try to keep up soon :)!