A Wedding and a Funereal

I know today is a Doodley Doo day
but honestly I'm not even sure what this last weeks theme was
we've been on such a whirlwind lthe last week and a half
starting off with the death of Jim's grandfather 2 weekends ago
to a wedding this last weekend

While I was cursing the location of this wedding
due to the worse car sickness I have ever had
this wedding really was picture perfect
there was no designated photographer
but rather half a dozen people with cameras
of all shapes and sizes
so I couldn't help myself...
I've always wanted to try my luck at wedding photography
I only have the standard 18-55mm lens that came with my camera
but I think mine turned out pretty well
I actually had the most fun directing the bride and groom
...yeah I can be a little nosey
but I think the bride and groom appreciated it

I have 55 more or less like these
but I think these were among my favorites
they were such a photogenic couple
or maybe weddings just bring that out in people?


Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Chelsea. It's been awhile since I got by. I know, bad blogger, bad blogger. Your pictures did turn out great. What a beautiful couple and such a pretty wedding site.

Hugs...Tracy :)

Brian Burke said...

Chelsea, need to contact concerning a logo I need, a caricature of a woman, please email decartct@aol.com

Retro Plants said...

AMAZING photos Chels!
you should be a wedding photographer!

and, yes. . . they are a good looking couple!

tell Jim we are sorry about his grandfather.
i'm sure he was a great guy.

Brian Burke said...

Sorry, wrong email...

Pink Tree Studio said...

New career?!

Catch A Falling Star said...

I think they turned out fabulous!
I just love the little boy on the stump...how cute is that?!
I have been the designated photographer for my family,,lol. They all know I never leave home without my camera....never!

♥zoe♥ said...

So wonderfully pictures taken by you sweetie♥ hopefully do you ever think of being a wedding photographer and these pictures does proof it!
Lots of blessing to you and sorry to hear that Jim's grandfather news:(

Honeymoon registry said...

Oh yes, I agree! They both look beautiful in the camera. Those photos were like taken by a pro.

apparentlyjessy said...

You have quite a knack for wedding photography Chelsea, I think you should be doing more of it!

minitoko said...

Wonderful ! As others, I think you could do it as a pro easily !