A House To Build A Dream On

Jim has been mentioning this house to me for a few weeks
my man tends to be a dreamer and so I didn't realize how serious
he was about pursuing this house as our future home.
We aren't sure if we will qualify for a second home
as we still own our home in Portland.
We do have our home rented
but it hasn't been for very long.

Saturday we drove up and took a look through the windows
and walked the grounds.
My heart pounded with delight with each new discovery
butterflies still flutter in my stomach as I remember ever detail

In all the excitement I have forgotten the date of the home :(

This would have been the dining room
however the previous owners must have converted it into a living room.
Besides the kitchen this is the only room that has new flooring
the rest of the home has the most gorgeous dark hard wood floors

Most of the homed doors have a pocket window above them
to let in light and to help circulate air
and heat throughout the house.
This beautiful door strangely only leads to unfinished attic space

the rooms in the house are quite large for a house of its age
and there is plenty of closet space as well
(well perhaps not by our current standards)
this house must have been built for someone of importance!

The kitchen is so sweet
There is not a whole lot of cooking surface
but there is plenty of space to add it if you don't want
a kitchenette in the room.

Perhaps my favorite space in the house
is the kitchens adjacent pantry

which I would convert into my office!
It's perfect :D Lots of lighting, storage, and it's cozy!
Also it's in the heart of the home so I wouldn't miss anything
and could easily multi task!

One of the things we don't like about our Portland home
is that there is absolutely no connection between
the house and the backyard

In this house you could watch the kids play
while doing the laundry!

Of coarse this house has an endless chore list
not to mention needs a lot of love and pricey updates
such as a new roof, paint, wiring, windows, and yard work
but that is the trade off of owning an old beauty such as this.

but for now it's all just a lovely dream...


sassypackrat said...

Love the woodwork! Doesn't really look very craftsman on the outside but oh does on the inside!

Here's to lovely dreams coming true!

Megan V said...

Dreams can happen!!!!
This house is so so so charming - I love all of the details and that amazing dark wood floor and doors. wow. And the "pantry"!! I can't wait to actually have my own home someday. I've been renting for so long that I've never really made any of the places REALLY feel like my OWN, you know?? I could see you doing really gorgeous things with this house!!

Pink Tree Studio said...

This is an amazing house! What is the square footage? I like know that kind of detail :~)

Amy said...

Wow! So beautiful.It looks like an Arts and Crafts style. Love it. Lots of luck and Dreams in it.

Sadie Lou said...

Hi Chels! Oh my goodness, what a pretty house. I could totally see you doing cute updating and putting your whimsical, candy-coated goodness to the decor.
~Sadie Lou

ringmaster said...

what a great house! i just had to come straight over from etsy because i saw you on the frontpage! how totally cool for you!

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Chelsea Ann! My heart is beating wildly at the thought of you in this wonderful home. I can just imagine your sense of style coming to life in it's rooms. I hope your business is doing well. I hope you are as well. Elizabeth