Goodbye Fall. Hello Winter.

We had our first taste of snow this weekend.
I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow
we wake up to a few inches on the ground
if it stays as cold as it was all day.
I'm not very good at faking that I'm not cold
and so all the pictures turned out very rigid

but at least today I got out of my pjs.
I've spent the good portion of the weekend
here on my couch making my yoyos
no matter how many I make I always seem to not
have enough on hand

I listed 4 new sets of my new alligator clips this weekend
all with a unique take on Christmas

Well I better get back to work
despite my husbands beliefs,
there are no machines
(as far as I know)
that make yoyos!


Christy said...

Those are the prettiest yoyos Chelsea! Happy winter time to you!

Holly Loves Art said...

Ahhhh this is such a sweet post. You look adorable. :) Happy FALL!

Pink Tree Studio said...

I was going to ask you why you weren't wearing a coat :~) My favorite clip is the one with the crocheted rose, of course :~)

Tizzalicious said...

Those are so so pretty!

Creative Breathing said...

Simply wonderful Chelsea Ann! And you look cute even when you are cold! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! Elizabeth

minitoko said...

Yes Chelsea-ann ! go back to work girl and make more and more such beautiful things ! :p