The July Newsletter

I'm a bit baffled that July is almost coming to a close.
Although now with kiddos in the home
every day seems to buzz by in super sonic speeds.
I wanted to send you all a little love
by offering 20% off all items in my shop
'til the end of the month. 
If you're in the market for some fun new accessories,
maybe some baby shower gifts or back to school headbands
then take advantage of this discount :D 
So how is your summer going?
We are still caring for the same two little
 girls that I've mentioned before.
Daily we are learning as a team to cope with
BIG emotions.
Being a foster parent is crazy... talk about a crash corse in parenting.
Unlike having a family of your own 
and things gradually changing...
we are thrown into new situations 
with kiddos of all ages.
We are helping kids
dealing with issues fare beyond their years
and honestly sometimes even beyond ours. 
We recently took in a young teen and her infant!
Boy howdy was that a ride. 
All this has made me realize how blessed I was as a child
to have parents who tried to make my life as "normal" as possible.
As a child you are tragically the victim of others choices and behaviors. 
Our number one goal as foster parents is to give each child in our home
love without strings. 
We work hard to help them overcome their own behavior issues, 
and give them the tools they will need in life to cope with heart ache.
Life isn't easy for any of us, we all have our own struggles
but for me being a foster parents helps 
to put my own personal problems in perspective. 

Let's see in other news:
We are excited to be purchasing a home here in Idaho.
If all goes as plan we will be moving middle of next month.
I'm so excited to have a home of my own again
a place that is all mine to do with as I please.
In preparation for the move I've been paining furniture like a mad woman. 
Nothing like having a mental deadline to start and finish those not so fun
yet very rewarding projects.
So keep posted because later this fall I will be sharing 
all the nooks and crannies of my home once again. 

I hope you all enjoy the last few days of July!
As for me - I'll be painting and packing. 

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