Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make me a match

It's funny how much my little
yoyo headband business has sprung to life
and without a doubt it's due to one very special gal
and her two adorable little pumpkins.
has provided me with amazing images
and inspiration time and time again.

With her amazing photography and brilliant styling
I have been able to convey to my customers
the quality of my "matchmaking" skills.
& like magic I am now the queen of custom orders.
Every week I receive the most exciting projects
from customers wanting that perfect finishing touch
for special occasions, photo shoots, to their child's favorite color scheme.
This has allowed me to stretch beyond my own tastes
and try things I would never have thought of on my own.
Customers are now sending me pictures of there child's outfit,
special embellishments, and even scraps of fabric.
LOL not that I don't have quite enough of my own :D

It's exciting to know you have created something extra special -
something that mommas can store away in their child's hope chests.
I just can't get enough of sweet little details
like those sunshine bloomers
created by Bethany's Aunty for the girls
Walkin' on Sunshine Birthday Party.

Here is one of my recent favorite custom orders.
Made to match that amazing retro inspired dress

This little pumpkin makes a darling mad hatter
in her Alice in Wonderland themed Baby Girl Headband.

Amanda just lives a hop skip and jump away from me
and so perhaps maybe one of these day we might be able to
play dress up together
and have a proper tea party
with her little hatter.


Wheelerfamily said...

I would LOVE to have a tea party with you! I have a cousin who lives where you live it would be a grand excuse to visit you :)

I LOVE these designs, you really are talented, and love the quality and accessories you add to each creation!


locollinsworth said...

Super cute blog :) It makes my eyeballs happy!
XO, Lauren