After a year and a half of renting
we are once again homeowners!
What we ended up with is not at all what I would have pictured us in,
but our love of old homes and the country
could not compete with the price tag and benefits of living in town.
So how is life in Suburbia?-
We have amazing neighbors, and the home is huge -
perfect for our ever growing family. 

So here is the scoop on a few projects
 I've done for our family/dining room

While we were still renting I painted both of these hutches. 
the white one I found on Craigs List for $50
and the blue one was a handy me down.
The blue one has about 8 coats of paint. 
I didn't exactly do any research or prep work
before stating and boy did I pay for it. 
So the goal became more about how to salvage the damage 
than anything else.
But in the end I love it! Thank goodness!!!
For the white hutch I fallowed a fantastic 
step by step tutorial available on My Romantic Home Blog
and while the prep process was painstakingly time consuming
it was so worth while! 

I decoupage the glass doors with vintage red gingham table cloth 
I found at a thrift store for just .50 cents. 

The white hutch stores all my fabrics :D
I wish I had taken before pictures - but just imagine nasty, dark, glossy stain. 

If you have followed my blog for the last few years
you know I love color
and many of my friends refer to our Portland home as Easter Land
so I think I've shocked myself and others 
by going a lot more neutral in my general decorating. 

Did you spot all the vintage crib parts?
Up-cycling cribs is a hot trend right now
and I've been lucky enough to come across 2 amazing cribs
for dirt cheap.
In this room I made the slat wood backdrops on top of the blue hutch
by simply hot gluing crib rails onto boards.
Then I have my crib bed springs hanging on the wall
 (I have one in my office too - they are so handy)
and on top of the white hutch are two decretive panels from the side rails. 
And I still have 3 amazing crib ends to come up with projects for. 

My hot-glue gun and I have been real tight as of late
up-cycling everything from left over fence posts
to a box full of bingo goodies
I picked up the other day for a buck.

If you want to make your own Bingo trees
here is a little visual reference of how to put them together. 
they would make a fab Christmas gift for any bingo loving friends.

Well I better run, while my house was picture perfect just yesterday evening 
it is far from clean now thanks to my 3 little rascals.

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Jenny Holiday said...

Ohh everything is so so warm, cute, cozy, and inviting! :) Hooray for you guys! Big congrats!

Thanks so much for the tiny tour! :)

xoxo Jenny