Look Mom, Pink Hair!

Do you think it's true what they say about blonds?
Not the dumb part, but that they have more fun?
Well then girls with pink hair should naturally have 5 times more fun!

My hubby says I'm going through a quarter of my life crisis.
Well let's be honest, in most cases the things we do during these moments 
of crisis are generally more true to who we really are, aren't they? 
Whatever we change about ourselves, or purchase, are things we have really wanted
but for whatever reason not allowed ourselves. 
We enter these moments not worried or concerned about what others think
but only of what will make us happy.
Well friends, this little pink haired girl is very very happy!
and if I were just a shade or two lighter - oh man the joy could not be contained.

What is it about a camera that makes me turn into a total flirt?
I swear, if I flirted as much with my hubby as I do my camera
we would have one very happy marriage ;)
but honestly, I do not go around batting my eyelashes,
 and pouting my lips on a regular basis. 

Lately I've been getting messages through etsy asking if my headbands fit 
"big" girls. So I made up this simple headband to match my outfit yesterday.
I love my new retro 70's blouse - a recent find at a local antique shop for just $9.
 Thinking I'm going to end up chopping the sleeves off one of these days. 

So anywho if you have been putting of a "crisis"... 
go ahead, embrace it! 
Be true to who you are!!! 


april@gingerbread said...

I love it...and you are seriously cute as a button!!!xoxo

Brioletta Jewelry said...

Like, Oh My God, Chels~~you are a total hoot :~D I love it!!!

Holly said...

Your pink hair is gorgeous, and this statement:

"the things we do during these moments
of crisis are generally more true to who we really are"

involves some serious truth. Preach it!

Kitsune said...

This hair is soooo awesome, Chelsea!!! You know, it will probably fade a little closer to the color you want in a bit, at least that's been the experience of people I've known who have dyed pink...it always starts out super bright. Your top is adorable, by the way. And I certainly have enough of your headbands to show that they fit big girls too! ;)

Folksie Linda said...

I so agree Chelsea Ann! I had black and blonde hair for a few years now back to blonde but i just adore your pink hair.. it looks perfect on YOU! you are such a cutie pie!