Circus Party time!

Today has been the longest of days,
I'm juggling projects these days like a crazy person.
Just two and a half short weeks until 
implantation day... I really hate that word 
"implantation" BLAH!!! 
I need to come up with something fun to call it like
Bun in The Oven Day or My Eggciting Day 
LOL am I pathetic or what?
Anywho, painting the house is still project numero uno
around here. I'm thankful to have a painting deadline
because otherwise I could easily drag this project on for months.
& oh joy of joys tomorrow I start the stair walls.
We are talking high high high.
In the land of arts and crafts I've been busy too,
my little mind especially.
I had to start writing daily list just to keep focused and on task
but while I would like to ditch one project or idea for another some days
it's very important to me and my silly anxiety 
to not leave project incomplete. 
I find it very difficult to pick up an old project and finish 
it with the same enthusiasm that I started with
and that was SO true with my Circus Party kit.
This little kit was my very first ever kit, 
and believe it or not my very first go with Illustrator.
That being said, my files were a MESS,
I can't believe how much I've learned sense then
but still this kit had something special
and I knew it deserved a second go.
I added new friendly characters, among them you'll find
a jump roping lion and a peanut loving elephant.
The new kit includes 5 fun new papers and ready to print files
for making a circus themes flag banner for parties.

These are so great because they whip up so quickly!
I made mine in probably about a half hours time last night.
It will be great for the foster kiddo's
 birthdays and/or going home celebrations.

I also wanted to share with you some party invites 
I made using some of the elements from the kit.
(sorry the Ring Leader girl isn't included in the kit)
These were a bit labor intensive because of all the mounting
but they are supper adorable
and I can't hardly wait for an opportunity to come along 
to send them off to friends and family.

My Circus Party digi kit is available 
exclusively at Kitschy Digitals!

See you Thursday for another Art Journaling post

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Kelsea Echo said...

Circus themes are so much fun! I am really getting into them lately. Cute kit!