Embry & O

So last week Jenny and Aaron challenged us to work with a specific theme in mind.
For the last few weeks I've let my emotions dictate my journal entries,
and I was sick and tired of them going all dark and gloomy on me,
So having one subject in mind really helped me to stay focused on how I wanted my 
page to look rather than just feel.

We will find out Monday if any MAGIC happened!!!!
We were told we would most likely not have any embryos left for freezing
which was hard to swallow because that meant that all our hopes and dreams were
wrapped up in this one transfer. But luckily the other two smaller guys
(in the picture below)
survived to the freezing process!
I can't even begin to tell you what a relief that news was,
 but I'm still terribly anxious,
I just want this SO bad that I can't imagine 
finding the courage and positive spirit to keep trying. 
But of coarse I will have to...
We have the best neighbors in the whole wide world,
and earlier this week the gal told me how she dedicated her prays each
morning to my little Henry and Annalea.
I was so touched that she had latched onto the names
my husband and I have always wanted for our future children.
Henry came to us maybe two years ago,
but Annalea has been our chosen girl name for almost 9 years.
These two names may seem like just dreams,
but to me they are little souls just waiting to come into our lives. 
They are real to me, and I ache that they can't be with us
and that their coming into this world has been so difficult.
I hope we will not have to wait long,

I've learned so much, and I've certainly gained a new passion
 that without their encouragement and amazing how-to's  
I may have never pursued on my own!


Cate said...

So exciting! I love reading all your updates, and I think about you every day. Lots of luck and love are headed your way!

Kelsea Echo said...

Aww, I love this page spread! And it's so much more meaningful knowing you have an incredible story like that behind it. Little Henry and Annalea are going to be so loved. =)

Jenny Holiday said...

These pages are so perfect! They are so much more than Art Journal pages. First, because of the reality behind them...and because of your excellent composition. So so impressive. And we sorta want to toot our own horns a bit for giving you a specific assignment. The trick worked really well in your case. I think that having a specific theme played a big role in making your pages so perfect.
We LOVE that these pages may one day be admired by Annalea and/or Henry. You are such an inspiration...in too many ways to name.
xo, Jenny and Aaron