Sulky Sue

Well it's Thursday afternoon and my poor tummy is and has been
grumpy for the last 3 days straight. 
The nurse thought I may have caught the flu bug
but I didn't feel like that was it,
and after todays ultrasound
I feel confident that my little body is just having growing pains.
In just one weeks time my body has changed so much
that not one pair of pants fit.
And on an even more ridiculous note, 
I purchased 10 new pretty bloomers last week 
and not even one pair fits! And of-coarse I threw out my tags and recite! 
It's not that I mind gaining weight, but come on - 1 week!
Of coarse if all this leads to a baby bump a few extra pounds now isn't 
going to make a bit of difference in the long run.
But when your hormones are raging 
feeling "fat" doesn't really bring out the best in you.
But the good news is I'm ahead of schedule for my 
"harvest" so if all my levels stay the same we will be 
in this weekend for retrieval, which means next weekend
I'll be a couch potato taking it easy and praying for a little miracle.

I'm SO glad I decided to make the time for Art Journaling
with Aaron and Jenny of Everyday is a Holiday.
I've truly found this little project to be extremely therapeutic! 
I had a few self pitying "Sulky Sue" days this week
but each time I grabbed my journal 
and let my emotions spill out onto the pages.
Jenny and Aaron will be catching up with this weeks class
this Sunday due to a power outage they experienced this week.
Can't wait to see what the emotions of that experience
 contributed to their own journals. 

If your a digi scrapper please give some love to these gals!
It's aways thrilling to see my digi elements and papers incorporated into 
scrapbook pages and crafters projects by the Kitschy Digitals Creative team

1. Karli Plant of Retro Plant /Qtea Party Digi Kit
2. Randi O'dell /Once Upon A Gypsy Digi Kit
3. Anna Bäckström of Allt Och Ingenting (Everything and Nothing)

And here are some lovely hybrid projects that I just can't get enough of!

1. Marie Lottermoser of Stitch in Time 
2. & 3. Maybemej Sporrong of Maybemej Photography

Using papers and elements from my digi kit

Still trying to figure out what theme to run with this month -
feel free share if you have a fun idea you'd like to come to life.
Was thinking of maybe making another halloween kit,
as I had so much fun with my Sweet and Sinister Affair kit I released last month. 

Well I need to go find a comfy place to rest,
this belly ache of mine is not being friendly at the moment :(
So SO So glad (and anxious) to be approaching the finish line with all the IVF stuff! 


Kelsea Echo said...

Your page spread is so pretty! And art journaling really is therapeutic, isn't it?

Good luck with everything! <3

Jenny Holiday said...

It's so funny that you brought up the therapeutic aspect of art journaling at exactly the same time that we did. I can imagine us typing it simultaneously. We just came off of that hard week and the art journaling was such a blessing. You forget everything else and just get paint, you glue, you cut, And it doesn't matter at all what the result is. You can do whatever you want for that brief period of time.
Your pages are great! They are so you and yet such a departure from your other work. We love that you get "dirty" and use washes and tearing...and just less neat ways of creating. Everything is so pretty. It makes us so happy knowing that we sparked this art journaling bug in you in this crazy topsy turvy time that you're going through. Thanks so much for sharing! xo, Jenny & Aaron

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Love your pages!! There is so many beautiful colors and yummy texture. It's a great way to vent our feelings, isn't it!? Especially with the emotions of having a baby. ;)