Too Cute to Spook

With two babies to care for I wouldn't exactly say I've got the luxury of "me" time.
Life has drastically changed that's for certain,
but if momma aint happy... well you know.
So even though I'm swimming in laundry
it's important that I make time to let my creativity out of the box so to speak.
Unfortunately, a lot of the projects I want and need to be working on
really require me to sit down and dedicate an hour or two of my time in one sitting.
So those projects are left for the occasional evenings when I actually have an ounce or two 
of energy left after getting my two little monsters off to dream land.

It's been bothering me for a while that I didn't have much of any
halloween decorations, and with all my friends pinning 
spooky fun projects left and right
I couldn't help but get in the ghostly spirit of things
 - and luckily a few months early!
The first project I actually have to thank my amazing 
mother-n-law for. I sent her the inspiration and she worked her magic.
Together we added glitter, tulle, lighting, and a bow-tie.
I think he is perfectly charming.

I've been collecting sweaters for awhile now
intending to make christmas stockings.
But I have a pretty good feeling that yet another year 
is going to pass on that project.
But it seems like everyone is on the sweater pumpkin bandwagon
this year - so why not me!?
Pretty much all I came across was country style creations.
But that's just not me.
Nope I need color, whimsy, 
and in my humble opinion everything is better
with eyeballs and a happy lil' grin.  

of coarse you can decorate them up any way you like.
but I worn you - these puppies are HIGHLY addictive.
You can whip up a pumpkin in just 10-15 minutes.

This fellow is my favorite. Instead of the others that are stuffed with fluff
and even some grocery bags, 
this one is made with an old Styrofoam pumpkin 
that had seen better days and was just about to hit the curb.

This project was also great for using up odds and ends from previous projects.
I even found items in the junk drawer like some old plastic silly straws.
I swear sometime my need to hold onto things sure comes in handy.

I really think this would be a fun activity to do with kids too.
you could set up a smorgasbord of supplies and let their imaginations go wild.

Last but not least is my not so scary monster wreath.
It took me about a month of working on him just about every day
but I finally finished him last night.
Initially I planned on making him entirely out of tulle like the ones I saw
on Pinterest. But it took three 25yard rolls of tulle just to finish the outer rim
so it simply wasn't feasible to do the entire body.
So after some pondering I came up with the idea of black velvet.
I picked up 2 tanks and a child size dress for a quarter each at a local sale
(this is also where I picked up my sweaters)
and a woman's XL dress at a local thrift shop for around $3.
His pumpkin head was a hat worn by my little buddy this past weekend,
I figured it would be fun to incorporate it into the project
 instead of putting it away in a box or thrifting it.

His arms are made from a pair of ruffled sock leggings stuffing with grocery bags.
I just attached them with safety pins that way I could change him up year to year.

I'm so pleased that I was able to complete so many projects.
It's awesome to see big projects come together by just plugging away 
for 5-10 minute a day - for a few months :)

Happy Halloween Friends!

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