100 (87) Things That Define ME

These things are silly right. I think so too, but I have nothing better to do tonight except for house work-ugh. I thought this might be a good exercise for myself-its a good way to do some self evaluating.

1. I was born cross eyed
2. I ripped my husbands tie the first night we met
(I should mention I did not rip it off his neck)
3. I want to have 5 children
4. My favorite animal is the moose
5. My muses are robots and elephants
6. I will not eat peas
7. When I was girl my favorite color way yellow
8. As a teenager my favorite color was orange
9. As a young adult my favorite color is pink
10. My favorite color combination in baby blue and red
11. My childhood nicknames where messy marvin, chizel, grasshopper, stick and the cancer child (because I was a stick  and always wore a hat)
12. I'm afraid of bears
13. and clowns
14. my mom is my hero
15. and my dad is Japanese
16. therefore so am I
17. And Irish too
18. The first boy I kissed, I kissed because my little brother dared me to
19. I have never had hair past my shoulders
20. I'm obsessed with Martha Stewart
21. I eat oreo's for breakfast
22. I can wear children's clothing
23. I took 5 years of singing lessons
24. Yet I am musically disinclined
25. I am not good at keeping my mouth shut
26. which makes me brutally honest
27. as well as a terrible person to tell a secret to
28. my favorite flowers are carnations
29. I hate vacuuming
30. especially the stairs
31. My dog Miller is named after my favorite professor, not the beer
32. I type like I talk
33. I hate to drive
34. But I love to drive the Cadillac
35. I do not own even one pair of open toed shoes
36. I'm a blanket hog
37. I'm a morning person, not a night person
38. I have never broken a bone
39. Or had stitches
40. which is remarkable because I am very klutzy
41. I'm a very generous person
42. I cry easily
43. I have to have my husband kiss my forehead in-order to fall asleep
44. I hate to not be on time
45. Not being on time is the number one thing me and my husband fight about
46. I have a shopping problem
47. Drinking beer is the only thing that makes me gain weight
48. Drinking beer always makes me sick the next morning
49. I have gone to concealing and it made me better
50. I have had ancupucture, and it made me better
51. I could be a better wife 
52. I don't take my dogs on walks
53. But I'm not a horrible person...we do go to the dog park on sunny days
54. I hate rain, 
55. yet I live in Porland
56. I like Gifts...both giving and receiving
57. I fold my husband underwear
58. I do not iron his shirts
59. I would rather wear high hills instead of tennys
60. I will not wear flip flops except to and from a hot tub
61. If I could I would take 2 baths a day
62. I can't remember names
63. I obviously have spelling problems
64. I easily get overwhelmed
65. so no procrastinating for me
66. If tattoos weren't so expensive I would get an anchor on my lower back
67. I still watch Sesame Street
68. My favorite Sesame Street character is Grover
69. My favorite children's book is The Monster at the End of The Boook
70. I am working on my own children's book right now
71. and I am procrastinating on it :(
72. I have not had a piece of gum in like 8 years
73. I don't floss enough
74. My husband is my best friend
75. and I love his mom so much I would let her live with us in a second
76. I love my mom to death but she would drive me crazy if she moved in with us.
77. But if thats what she wanted then I would gladly welcome her into my home too
78. I have no sense of adventure
79. I'm a home body
80. I love sushi
81. The only boy picture I ever had on my wall was Ricky Martin
82. I have a thing for UPS uniforms
83. so my husband dressed up as UPS man and brought me the best gift ever-He purposed
84. My wedding dress was so tight I could barely breath
85. I rearrange things when I need to think
86. I'm scared of my sewing machine
87. I hate lotion

Wow...this is really hard! I think I need to drink some wine and finish this up later.

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