A Space Worth Seeing and Macaroons Not Worthy of Praise

I was flipping through some old House and Garden Magazines (November 2007) and found this lovely image of a bar in New York. I would link you up with the image but sadly Home and Garden no longer sits on the shelves of grocery stores. The bar was painted by writer and artist Ludwig Bemelmans. Funny how a childish mural can work so well in an upscale space. Who Knew? 

Yesterday I also ATTEMPTED to make macaroons. I was inspired by The Little Bluebird Diaries. I don't know why I thought I could bake macaroons, I can't even make the easiest scratch cookie to save my life. But here is what came out. They don't taste bad, but they aren't macaroons either.One thing I would change if I tried again would be to use almond powder instead of ground up almonds.

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TheLittleBlueBirdDiaries said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm sure your macaroons taste yummy. The best suggestion I could give is blend slowly, sift sift sift, and grind the almonds until they are almost dust :) If you ever find yourself on the east coast, do let me know. I'd be happy to bake a few with you. The only way I learned was having a mother who was a pastry chef in another life, or mine would have flopped! I ADORE your artwork, ribbon jars, and wedding photos. Looking forward to reading more from you.