New Items In The Shop

I just added a few new items to my little shop!

A 1978 Ronald McDonald doll

A vintage foam cushion 
- Perfect for afternoon naps

& A very large paper table cover 
of the very cute but trouble making Peter Rabbit


Anonymous said...

Very lovely items :)

valerie said...

i think you have some precious new things in your shop. i especially love the cushion with the party kittens! (too cute.)

thank you for wanting to share some of the costumes; that's really sweet. my friend cammi made two of them as well, and her adorable sons modeled them.

i hope you are having a wonderful week!

p.s. you're right about flickr mosaic addictions; i already made a second one!

Bethany Hissong said...

I used to have a doll just like that (the fisher price one, I think!!!) I need to pull my old dolls out and take photos of them! The Ronald McDonald doll is funny... that brings back some memories!