Presents For Sophia

We have a new baby girl in our family. 
A sweet new baby cousin for me to spoil! 
Of-coarse she got homemade gifts from her big cousin.  I put hair accessories in the top of her Keepsake Cake and little socks in the bottom. I hope she will keep many special treasures in her little Keepsake Cake and maybe serve it at tea parties with all her friends and teddy bears.


valerie said...

such a sweet gift! that pink rocking horse is the cutest! you're sure to be your new baby cousin's favorite cousin!

Bethany Hissong said...

Congrats on a new sweetheart to love! They will love your cake present!! I forgot to mention in my last comment that you are so lucky to be friends with Olivia! She is a big sweetheart too!



Your Keepsake Cakes are fantastic!

~ Gabriela ~

chelsea said...

SOOOO sweet!