Lucy Lemon Squares

This is my dads very favorite treat... I make it for him for fathers day because he is one of those people who is impossible to buy for. I couldn't find me recipe card so I popped online and 
wha-la there it was... kind of everywhere. I guess this tasty treat isn't much of a secret.
But if it is a secret to you- You must give it a try... it is so easy, and a real crowd pleaser.


vanessaann said...

hey, came over from mark it with a b. lucy's lemon squares sound amazing! maybe i'll give it a try on my day off!

tangarang said...

Um...can I say YUM? Thanks for stopping by my blog today (its nice to have visitors). Yours is too charming. And seeing that you live in Portland is making miss Powell's (used to make a thrice yearly trip)...and does anyone else notice that Oregon is producing the crafti-est, creative-est peeps around? Is there something in the water?

Corey Moortgat said...

Thanks for the "get well" wishes! I can use them...But hey, at least the arm doesn't keep me from thrift shopping!!

I just noticed in your profile that your favorite movie is "Mirror has Two Faces"-that's one of mine, too! I'm a big Barbra fan!

KayEllen said...

ooohhh yummy! Thank you for the recipe:)


Swell Stitches said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.. and thanks for sharing this awesome recipe! My Mom loves lemon squares and keylime squares.. I'm going to have to try this for her. I'm sure she'd flip over it! lol

Bethany Hissong said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE lemon squares!!! You definitely seem like a lemon square kind of girl! ;)

Christa said...

I made this before, but from a different recipe and there was flour in the second item.
Otherwise it was the almost same recipe.
I love those lemon bars