My Childish Obsession With Vintage

When I was a young girl I begged my mother to take me to yard sales or thrift stores. Unfortunately for me that was not my mothers idea of fun.
 I loved the idea of others peoples "treasures" from a very young age. I'm not sure if it's more the nostalgic romance of vintage or the hunt. I loved going to my grandmothers and digging through drawers or closets. As I grew up the urge to bargain shop seemed to get stronger.
Whenever I feel a little jingle at the bottom of my pocket I hop into my car and start another hunt. Each time I walk into a store I get butterflies at the idea of finding that one can't live without  treasure. The only problem is that I tend to find enough to fill one or two bags full each time! I need help!  But they say you can't change until you really want to. And do I? Oh, the very thought makes my chest tighten. I must figure out something, my house will be full to the brim if I continue at this rate! This is hard for me to talk about, but I feel better- I am sure some of my other fellow thrifters must understand... maybe have a tip or two? 

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Chelsea Ling said...

I think you just have to hold periodic garage sales lol

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, i feel just the same way!! i go to the thrift at least once a week if not more and it just raises my spirits. i wonder if it means we're old souls?

Kristen said...

That's like the blind leading the blind~ sorry, I've got no tips for you....I'm addicted too!
I don't even think and intervention could help me at this point :(

Jacqueline said...

I love visiting the yard sales or thrift stores too!