Doodley Doo & A Few Hunks Too

My husband was watching this alien investigation show the other day
while I was working on my Doodley Doo for the week.
The theme was "up in the air"
- and hence this weeks drawing came into form
I was mad crazy about the tv series Roswell in high school
as I recall it didn't air until 10pm my time
making it an all out battle some nights with my dad
to let me stay up and watch it
many nights I would sneak down to the basement
the sound barely on and my nose just inches away from the screen

I was a pretty naive as a young girl
so many of the episodes where pretty steamy in my mind
not exactly a show I wanted to watch with my family

I was crazy mad in love for the character Max Evans
played by actor Jason Behr
Not being one of those girls with posters of boys
plastered all over my walls
Jason was pretty much my first "omg he's a hunk" crush

Next came Steven Hyde from
something about his 'fro and bad boy persona

Then came the tv series Boston Legal
and I was just over the top in love with Allen Shore
played by James Spader
you might recall his bad boy act in the film Pretty in Pink?
The character of Allen reminds me a bit of my very own hunk
- my wonderful husband!! Yeah babe - I think you're hot ;)

My last crush was short lived in the tv series Greek
Max Taylor, played by Michael Rady
I think Casey made a BIG mistake dumping this sexy geek


Creative Breathing said...

Chelsea Ann, You are on your way now! What an amazing blog. You are coming into your own now with what you truly are blessed with, your whimsical drawings. Childrens books are next for you! I am so in love with your flamingo drawing. Too cute for words! E

valerie said...

funny, i've always felt crushy over james spader... (never watched that show though). i'm surprised when i hear that others feel the same way :) he's quite striking!