Ice Cream Dolls

Last Christmas I believe it was I did a little swap with
I made Sandy this silly Ice Cream Doll
and from there made 5 more

I had a bag of these doll heads for about a year
with not one clue of what I possibly was going to do with them...
what is terribly ironic is that
I didn't even find out until months after making the dolls
that the original name of the doll is
Can you believe that! What are the odds?
I also hadn't seen Boopsie Daisy's version until a few days ago
I love her use of colors! She is brilliant!!

Well I finally decided I was going to overcome my fears or using my printer
I know I'm crazy silly that way...
and I am now working on become friends with my Sewing Machine!
So without to much blood shed on my end
and even less wasted paper and ink
I figured out a system of printing that works for me
although I really do have to figure out why all of a sudden my printer
is printing things all wonky cricked like?
My husband says that happens and it can be fixed
I hope he is right!

The next thing was to learn how to cut straight
this has never been my strong suite
but thanks to Martha Stewart I have finally found a paper slicer
that is honestly made for gals like me ^^

I am really excited about these!
And soon - very soon
I'll be sharing a few more cards I've been working on!

Ice Cream Doll card sets are now available in my etsy shop
but feel free to contact me if you only want one or two

I also turned them into digi files for my scrapbooking friends

I really really wish I could meet Julie of Minitoko!
Everything she creates is pure genius in my humble opinion
She has opened her very own digi shop called Mini Toko Ville
even if your not into digi scrap'n you should take a peak
it is seriously the most amazing website
I'm seriously red in the face jealous
and the cherry on top
is that you can pick and choose which elements you want
instead of purchasing entire kits!
Truly mind blowing!


Digi page 1:
ittybittybirdy, and Minitoko
Digi page 2:
itttybittybirdy, Minitoko, Kitschy Digitals,
Ginhild Storeside,
and Holly McCaig


Bumpkin Bears said...

LOVE those ice cream dolls, just the cutest :) Catherine x

♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

I totally love your ice cream dolls and will definitely purchase that kit one day soon :D!!! I agree;
Julie is amazing!

Melissa said...

Oh, I desperately need a paper cutter. Do you mind if I ask which one you have? Thanks!

apparentlyjessy said...

Your icecream doll cards are lovely! Very sweet, and with real character!

minitoko said...

oh girls ! I'm blushing !
I really do wish we could meet too !
someday maybe...who knows ?