Doodley Doo - Week 2

The second challenge for Doodley Doo
was Flamingo Summer
I believe this was the quickest sketch I've ever done
I'm starting to feel more comfortable drawing "people"
I've let myself relax a bit on proper anatomy
and fingers - oh how I hate fingers!

I'm not as pleased with the coloring
I think I would like to try this one again in water color
I've not done too much water colors
but I think I might like it and it would help create a softer look

Nikki of Liefgeal submitted this darling drawing
I thought it was rather amusing that we both incorporated
a girl into the theme
Nikki shares on her blog about coming from an artistic family
but struggling to find her own style
I'm really thrilled that she has joined the challenges
I know we will both grow a tun
I think drawing is no different than learning to play the guitar
sure there are natural talents
but most of us have to dedicate our selves to learning bit by bit

I really struggle with inspiration and confidence
when it comes to art
I think it is only now that I am even beginning to really embrace my own style
and feel comfortable with my work and ideas

I just finished this series of robots for a friend
it was a commission started over 2 and a half years ago!
The issue really wasn't about procrastination
but rather finding the right frames
believe it or not

But when I started the project I was really into drawing robots
you might say they were my muse
robots and elephants that is ^^

but as time passed so did my style and my muses
so when it came to finishing these up I really had to stretch
out of my comfort zone- so to speak
but in the end I'm really happy with them
and so is my friend! Which counts more than anything else!

The different robots represent
all the things that define who my friend is
and the things he loves

The Interior Designer robot is my favorite
many of you probably don't know this
but Interior Design is what I majored in

It's funny to think about really
because as soon as I graduated I kind of ran the other way
as fast as I could!

It just wasn't what I had expected
and I really struggled with who I was as an individual and an artist
in the very formal, commercial driven curriculum

My instructors didn't know what to think of me
and because they didn't take my work serious
I didn't take myself serious

I tried really hard however to be as true to myself as possible
I knew that I didn't want to follow the line drawn for me
and so my work was loose and conceptual
and for the most part - whenever I could
I would design for children
Many of my projects were inspired by robots
my senior project was a learning center
based on the adventures of a robot and his dog

I passed this class with a C
and I was so happy for it
I had survived!
For my portfolio show I showed none of my school work
instead I showed what I had at that time of drawings and such
going through the program made me realize that being an artist
is about following your heart
not the bottom line
you can't change yourself as an artist to please others
your work might be salable but it may not
I still have a lot of growing to do as an artist
but I'm no longer scared to try
So if you have been holding yourself back
I hope you will join me in practicing your skills
and maybe even learning who you are as an artist!


sassypackrat said...

Love your robots and also the girl and flamingo. So cute! I struggle with drawing. I'm much more comfortable doing little graphics on the computer than I am sitting down pencil to paper. I just never think I'm good enough so it's something I very rarely do anymore. I hope one day I can be like you and not be scared to try. Until then I sit on the sidelines and cheer loudly for you!

Martha said...

I love all of your drawings, Chelsea Ann -- you are so talented!

Mrs Robinson said...

oh my gosh the robots turned out SO GREAT! I had the best email from him all about them and we are getting together later this week just so that i can see them!:)
miss you!!!

Pink Trees Studio said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again~~you're an amazing artist, Chelsea Ann!!!

I used to draw a lot, mostly fashion designs, and you're making me want to get out my sketch pad again :~)

apparentlyjessy said...

Oooh I LOVE flamingos! Your flamingo girl drawing makes me SMILE!

♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

Hey girl!
I adore your flamingo summer drawing,
oh I love it! I'm so thrilled about
joining the challenge too!
Your Robot series are the best, I
really love them!
I always was so curious about what
you studied. And now I hear it's
interior design and I'm just thrilled
to hear it :D because this is what I
studied too! Unfortunately, I had the
exact same issues you coped with;
instructors that didn't know what
to think of me and such. This made
me quit so I never finished it and
I still regret that a little.
Looking at your interior drawings
you should have gotten a big fat A!
I'm going to try to follow my heart
without being insecure anymore.
And you; you are just so friggin
talented girl, really!

Bethany Hissong said...

Chelsea Ann- I had no idea you could draw so well!!! You don't realize how talented you are!! The biggest hurdle is only your self-belief! I can definitely relate to your experience in college too. I was in graphic design but my heart was in illustration. People like us just do it because we love it!

kayellen said...

Ok this birdie loves the Interior Design robot it's my fav too!!
I would give you an A+ on all your Art !!

Kay Ellen

Brian Burke said...

Wow, crazy good post in so many aspects. You've got this complete brand with your look, drawings, tastes... it's very unique.

Excuse the reference, but I lived around Mary Engelbreit and she created a whole line of licensed art (which is cutesy in a way I'm not fond of) and made a fortune. Your ideas and art suck me right in, I think we're going to see your name in lights (or in children's books or on cards)!

Megan V said...

I loved learning this about you!! I began college taking a few different classes to test out the direction I would want to take myself. One of the courses was Interior Design. I thought for sure that I would love it and as it turns out, the class completely turned me OFF. The odd expectations of the teacher - wanting something specific from us but having us guess at it. Not "getting" my work. Either being too conceptual or too literal. It was just a bad fit and it pushed me into Fashion Design instead! I am glad you've discovered who you are as an artist. It may be hard to see from your side, but from our side you definitely have a distinct style and I always know when something is "Chelsea Ann" or not!! :D

Nina said...

Love your creative fun art work!! Its all wonderful!!