Let's Ketchup

As a blogger it's always been really hard not to share
all our special moments as foster parents,
but now that this "small Fry" is ALL MINE
it's time to dish out the sweet stuff.

Pete's 1st party was pretty much pulled together at the very last minute. 
It was hard to face celebrating an entire year of this sweet baby boys life
knowing he could be taken away from us at any time.
But although he wasn't ours legally, 
he was MY baby boy.
So we went forward with throwing a over-the-top 
1st birthday party, so that my husband and I
along with our friends and family could celebrate
this special little man who had brought us all
so much joy and fun the last past year.

Pete LOVES french fries, and especially Ketchup
so it just seemed so fitting to run with the theme.

I could not believe my luck 
when I spotted these mustard and ketchup bottles
at the dollar store. The packaging said they were paint bottles
but the entire pack all red and yellow!!!

I love the idea of smash cakes,
but we were on a pretty tight budget
so I thought we would try a bowl full of ketchup instead

and boy was it fun!!!

It took a bit before he really got into it...
but once he got the idea
boy did he go for it!

I'm so glad we decided to make Pete's birthday just as special
as if he had been our baby boy all along.
I would have forever regretted it,
and felt pretty crummy about going all out for baby girl's birthday
which will be here in just one short month. 

After throwing Pete's party I was kinda stuck on the idea
of ketchup and mustard, 
and so began a series of sketches of anthropomorphic fast food friends.
It took 7 months but I finally turned those rough ideas
into a series of 7 embroidery patterns
which is now available in my 

I'm a novice at embroidery but I'm pretty happy with how 
these two tops turned out
and must confess that I think I caught the embroidery bug
it's kinda relaxing... and a great road trip activity.

Photo-shoot with two charming young men
is in the forecast for these two tops.
Can't hardly wait!! 

P.S. You can now follow silly ol' me on instagram 
for "behind the scenes" of current projects
and life at home with my kiddos. 

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Alice Wingerden said...

ahh love it all! such a fun theme :) and he is beyond adorable...you are so blessed to have him as he is to have you!