The BIG One

We are just one week from celebrating miss Annalea's
My head is a whirl this evening as I try to process
just how amazingly quick and wonderful this past year has been.
My baby girl is growing up,
I see it in the little things she does each day
and boy howdy is she a  little spit-fire.
She's a happy baby, but only if things are going 100% her way.
Lord help us, I can't even begin to imagine what her terrible two's
will be like. This girl is a screamer, has been sense day one.
As you can see I had to stop at 9 months with the monthly picture,
as little stinker just wouldn't sit still any longer - not even for a second!

A few fun facts:

Baby girl LOVES Sesame Street!!!
She will be as busy as can be but the second she hear's 
Murray's voice she parks her little butt.

She was in Premie clothing her first two months
and has been wearing 18m the past two months

Still NO teeth!

She can hold her own with her "big" brother"

She will not take a nap!!
It's pretty much been that way from the start.
(did I mention she is stubborn?!)

She is a daddy's girl
she especially loves to Facetime with daddy
when he is out of town

She loves animals and outdoors.
As much as I hate to admit it
she may just turn out to be a tom boy.

I never got around to posting some of our easter pictures.
Can you believe this sweet dress was made by my grandmother?
It is seriously gorgeous and sewn to perfection. 
Most of the dresses she made I completely wore out as a child
but I'm lucky to have a handful of these beauties.

I made the easter backdrop earlier this year using vintage coloring pages.
If anyone is interested in the details, just let me know
and I can put together a little tutorial 

and of coarse my little fella is growing up
quicker than I would like too. 
He is so so hard to take pictures of,
but I was lucky this time to get a few
sweet smiles with no blurring.

Well it's late, I best be off to get some much needed sleep.
Keep an eye out, my next post should be the
birthday party!!!


vivian said...

they are both beautiful children! great photos!
happy may Day!

Pieceful Bits said...

What a blessed year for you, two beautiful babes to love. Your grandmother's dress is gorgeous. Cannot wait to see bday photos.<3 Julie

Cate said...

That first photo of your little gal with the bunny ears and Easter eggs just makes me MELT! What a beauty!