Do Not We All Dream of Such Things?

As you all know me so well...
I'm the cutsie girly girl with quirky style and a childish aesthetic

From my obsession to vintage children's toys
too my bubble gum taste in colors

Sometimes even I forget that I am no longer a child
and even more that I'm actually a woman.

I'm not sure when it happened but it did
I grew up... although that is debatable somedays!
So in honor of being a woman, and tapping into being
sexy, beautiful, graceful, romantic, elegant
and all those other wonderfully over the top 
descriptions of womanhood
I thought I would show you my more grown-up style.

this is a new item in my shop
I sold two others like it at the Crafty Wonderland sale.
Find out more about it by visiting my Keepsake Cakes shop.

I've shown you so much of my little home in the last two years
 however my old camera could just not capture the magic in 
our whimsical master sweet

Do you remember when I turned my room into a nursery!?
(by accident)
Oh what sweet, adorable, perfectly Chelsea Ann world it was!
But as much as my hubby loves me he did not like living in my pink bubble

I was quite desperate of finding away to change the room without painting
first I tried bringing in black to contrast the pink
ick~ that was a terrible idea.
So one day it just clicked...
with 7 dollars worth of old sewing patterns and some Elmers glue
I started covering every square inch of the room.

I added my own collage work from years back
one says bird and this one nest

and pages from old books of romantic scenes

I filled my little sweet with all my "grown-up" treasures

New items are always being added
whether their is really the room for them or not
The floral tin from an estate sale earlier this year in Idaho
The beautiful print I just purchased from Kelly of A Poppy Tree
and the two disneyesque fawns 
my mother-in-law purchased for my last weekend in Idaho

All treasures that make me so wonderfully happy
including our beautiful wedding picture and the candles from our reception

This vintage dresser was also purchased in Idaho
it was the first piece of furniture I ever bought for our home

My side on the bed...
quite honestly there isn't another side as the room is so very small
I store my library books and family photos here
As well as a pretty little bowl to place my hair bands and bobby pins each night

With the short 4 day week I wasn't able to do a post last friday
so I also put together a romantic inspired mosaic
Also if you need just a tad more romantic inspiration 
check out this beautiful video of 
Love Story by Tailer Swift

I hope you have enjoyed this more grown up side of me
LOL although back to my regular stuff for next Friday!
PAPER DOLLS! I promise this time! Pinkie swear!

Have a great week!


Chelsea Ling said...

Oh my gosh, I am dying and drooling here!! :) I love the print and the deer... your new camera is amazing!!! I am so jealous! :) wowee!

SumpinElse said...

Love what you did with a little imagination and glue! Great revamp; hope hubby is enjoying as well.

Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Working backwards~~the mosaic is so yummy that I want to eat it!!! And your bedroom~~what an amazing idea!!! You have such a unique and whimsical style of decorating~~I love, love love it!!! If I can ever afford it, I will hire you to be my decorator :~) And the top is so sweet~~just a little more sophisticated, but still so Chelsea Ann :~) Please forgive me for gushing, lol :~)

Ember said...

Hey I hope you don't mind, but I used this post in an example of my love of the use of yo-yo's. I love that tank so much and the colors you used is wonderful. I will check back often for more things to crave!

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

I love the idea of papering with sewing patterns! I'd love to try that (or blueprints) if I didn't rent... Gorgeous decorating taste!!!

creative breathing said...

Every square inch of your home is beautiful and not at all childish. It is elegant and creative and full of wonderful ideas for the rest of us. Your display of your husbands keys inspired me to display my son's lightbulb collection! Happy, happy camera day for you! Fun, fun, fun for all of us! E

Alissa said...

Those fawns from your mum-in-law are sooo adorable. That was so kind of her. I also love your fox/girl print! All in all your bedroom looks wonderful, great job Chels.

apparentlyjessy said...

I love both sides of you Chelsea Ann! This bedroom certainly does look demure and sophisticated! I love the idea of using patterns as wallpaper, very ingenious!
I have adored Kelly's art work for months now, and am so wishing I owned a print from her!
Are they real camellias on the little table? I have a thing for them at the moment!
I love the two little deer too! :)

Sadie Lou said...

Just darling Chelsea! You're such a designer!!

valerie said...

chelsea, i can totally relate to your obsession with vintage children's toys and decorations. i think your "accidental" nursery is hilarious... i better watch out or that's how my craftroom will turn out. i went to the flea market on saturday and had to refrain from purchasing the most adorable metal dollhouse i've ever seen. have you seen pixar's 'up' yet? go see it; you'll love the little old man's house! it's very much our style! (bring tissue too.)

Gina said...

Sewing pattern! Very clever. Is your husband happier now? He gets a little less pink and you still get to keep your vintage fun style.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are soooo cute! I love them...

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rose said...

I love your bedroom! Its so unique, i bet theres none other like it. The pattens on the wall is a wonderful idea, i bet it took you forever to do.
I think the bedroom 'accidental nursery' looks very sweet, i think my boyfriend would freak out too if i attempted something so pretty and pink :)

Chelsea said...

I just found your blog, it's very sweet.

Bethany Hissong said...

I am giggling at you... I describe you to everyone as the woman with the little girl inside... and now you've grown up on me!! I love the sewing patterns and everything you did to the room! I was wondering how your husband was dealing with all the pink and sweetness!

Anonymous said...

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