The Good Life

Jim and I have been dreaming of owning an Airstream for just about 5 years.
After months of research and scouring our options and our pocket book
we are picking up our very own Airstream this weekend!
I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself.
After reading into each individual trailers features we decided
to purchase a Argosy. This is the white painted version
The upkeep on the tradition Airstream was just too much for us to bear
so we are very happy with our decision 
and what is more exciting is that we are going to have it painted
bright fire engine red!

I just love this picture.
I have wanted a large family from girlhood.
5 children if possible! LOL
I can't wait for family camping trips.
Although I'm not much for camping
I love the idea of throwing the kids outside in the tent
 and having my trailer all to myself~
So selfish I know!
But Jimmy loves to camp and fish
and while I may not fully appreciate such pas times
I enjoy being with him and sharing the adventures 
With a trailer I can retreat into the air-conditioning 
and enjoy the comforts of home anywhere Jim drags me along to.
I'm also so excited that we will now be able to take weekend trips up to the coast 
or down to California to visit family, drive through the red wood forest, 
and maybe even Disney Land
and our puppies can come along!
Oh ~
Life is SO SO SO Good!

Have a happy, healthy and fun holiday weekend everyone!

Chelsea Ann

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Diane said...

Congratulations, that is very funny just a couple days ago I say two air-stream trailers on the freeway and I thought to myself wow that sure would be fun if Hubby and I had one to toot around and visit far-off places. And yes with the comforts of home.
Do enjoy, Hugs Diane
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ourlittlelovenest said...

I want one for my studio in the backyard. Love them.

Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Oh, how fun to have an airstream!!!

Wunderkind said...

Sounds like your little downturn has mended, I love to hear you say that "life is So, so, good", because it is! Fire engine red...great color choice for an Airstream! You are going to have a ton-o-fun this weekend.....and I'm presuming many other weekends...especially when some mini-Chelsie's and Jim's start coming along! Yay!

creative breathing said...

Chelsea Ann! If you haven't seen The Long, Long Trailer with Lucy and Desi then you must see it immediately! I too have always dreamed of a camper. That yours has come true makes my heart smile! I can see lots of fun posts in the future! PS I am always so glad that your blog is the last on my reading list because it's the best! Have a great week! E

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Hi Chelsea...f.y.i. I am Diane's sister from Saturday Finds! Unfortunately she lives in southern California...perhaps you can meet up on one of your visits. Does all of your family live there like mine?

On another note., a fire engine red airstream...awesome and adventurous...WOW!

Stay Cozy, Carrie

valerie said...

too jealous.

i just recently did a post about how badly i wanted a vintage travel trailer. an airstream is way out of my league. i'd be terribly happy with a runt. oh, decorating it will be great fun for you! red will make everyone green with envy.

i'm very happy for you guys and can't wait to see!

apparentlyjessy said...

Gosh! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I smiled the biggest smile, and am just so excited...the prospect of doing a swap with you is just so unbelievably exciting!! I surely would love to make you a necklace and tote bag for sure!!

When I was a teenager we had a small caravan that belonged to my grandparents that we kept and used sometimes, it was awesome fun, I love camping so much...the best part is the camp fires, and hot chocolate! :) SO cool you are getting a red one!


Sadie Lou said...

I wanted to tell you that Velocity 7 is the team that created and they also designed Airstream's website!
How cool is that?

Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Oh, and I can't wait to see how you decorate it!!!

Alissa said...

Hey Sweetie, I hope you and Jim are having a fantastic road trip picking up your new Airstream. I'm so excited for you guys and your future sunny travels! Weeeeeeeee! See ya real soon.

*Evelyn* said...

Hello Chelsea how are you?
beautiful picks...
Have a nice day!!