Earth Angel

in honor of my best friend Alissa's beautiful artwork
Last Friday's Project Dress Up
 was inspired by her organic, nature inspired series

Each piece is a unique compilation of vintage paper finding
coffee rings, stencil work, and Alissa's beautiful drawings 
inspired by organic life found in the Great North West.

Dratt, that little branch is trying to get it's big de-bough
in front of my favorite shots

Jimmy surprised me with our new camera this week!
It's the Canon Rebel T1I
It's sooooooo amazing!
It's a combined Birthday gift for the both of us.
My birthday next month and Jimmy's TODAY!
Happy Birthday Sweetie!

Just a few of my favorite pieces in Allisa's ever growing 
collection of beautiful artwork.
It's such a pleasure to watch her grow as an artist
While our styles are very different 
we both really respect each others input
and help support each other in any way we can.
I hope you will all enjoy her work as much as I.
And if you have a second, give her a shout out. 
It's always nice to hear a kind word
and a note of encouragement.
I know that your support and enthusiasm 
has helped me grow as an artist and a person!

Visit Allisa's Blog and shop

Have a great happy health week!


apparentlyjessy said...

You look absolutely and positively breathtakingly STUNNING!
The dress is so elegant and the way the skirt puffs out... I love the red shoes and birds nest fascinator, and the collar, just divine!
I have to say this is one of my favourite outfits you have ever worn, and there are so many beautiful ones! xox

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Your dress is so sweet and I love the crinoline slip. Used to wear them as a little girl and they make you feel like a princess! Alissia does lovely work, her colors really appeal to me.
Chelsea Ann drop me a note with your email so we can chat. I would love to be of assistance. I cannot find your email~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Chelsea Ling said...

Everything in this post is sooo fabulous!! :) you look beautiful, and that are is really great too.

Congrats on the new camera!!!


Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

Your blog is so fun to read and look at! I love your dress you are wearing and the pictures turned out beautiful! Please stop by my blog when you can and pick up your award I have for you!

Hugs to you!


Alissa said...

Awwww! What a lovely post... nice to hear all the kind words. I had so much fun out in Germantown. You have sooo many clever ideas.

our little love nest said...

Those photos of you are a work of art too! Great eye for clothing and love the wooded area! Hope your day is simply stunning!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

cute post sweet C.A.!! Love it! you are too cute! Isn't the northwest gorgeous? love all the pretty greenery in the background of your pics!! your friend's shop is so cute!! I forgot to tell you in the email,but I added you on facebook. lol. I saw your profile yesterday. i didn't even know you had one. :-)
hugs sweet girl!! xoxo!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Chelsea Ann!!! You truly do look like an earth angel in those gorgeous pictures. Thank you for sharing you friends beautiful artwork with us. She is so talented, I love the natural earthy feel to her art. Congrats on the new camera, I just know you are going to be sooo addicted to taking photos! I can't wait to see all the beautiful shots you will capture! Thanks so much for your sweet comment you left me today!
It's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels that way sometimes.

Gina said...

Happy Early bithday to you! And happy birthday to your husband too. It sounds like the present was the perfect gift.

creative breathing said...

Such a creative artist and wonderful friend! Ohhh, a camera is on my list for a birthday/Christmas present. I am already dropping HINTS to my husband. Love your dress up days! E

Pink Trees and Sunshine said...

Delightful and charming!!!

Chelsea said...

The necklace and dress are beautiful, lovely blog.

danielle thompson said...

you are so cute i can't stand it! :-) what i wouldn't give to come to portland and photograph you! :-) and congrats on your camera, chelsea ann! :-)

Kristen said...

These are my favorite pictures of you so far~ WOW, sooooo beautiful!!! I'm in love with that dress too :)