Being "Normal" Doesn't Suite Me

Being "Normal" Doesn't Suite Me!
I want to make this my mantra for 2011
I'm honestly disappointed in my overall creative spirit for 2010
Last year I had close to twice as many blog posts.
I'm not sure exactly why this last year was so blahhh
but I think a lot of it had to do with me feeling numb,
because heaven knows I certainly had the time on my hands
to accomplish 3 times more
I think I've been Numb to the fact that I have NO clue what to do with my life
I never imagined I would be 25 and have no career and no kiddos
in fact I think my biggest mistake was planning to raise kiddos as my career.
I know 25 is still young and there is still plenty of time...
blah blah blah
but it's hard to build yourself up when everything you try seems to fall apart
the funny thing is that I actually have lots of ides of what I want to do
it's just I haven't a foggiest of how I'm ever going to achieve them
or if they are even plausible.
this might come as a shock but I think honestly
I want to own a little grilled cheese deli
lol I am always thinking about it... it's the strangest thing
I have all these ideas about how it would look and what I would serve.
Think cute cupcake bakery except with bread and cheese!
Because who doesn't love cheese?
Might be the wackiest idea ever
but at least it's something, right?

Anyway, I've gotten really off subject...
One of the ways I plan on getting my creative juices
back in the swing of things
is by being more bold and more importantly more ME!
This might sound silly but it's the god honest truth
- I feel on top of the world when I dress "quirky"
I feel beautiful, and while dressing like a "kid" might not seem sexy
I feel more like "that" than when I'm trying to dress like an "adult".

A very sweet new friend shared with me some new terminology
for Japanese fashion trends
that has opened up a whole new world of sweet eye candy goodness.
The differences in styles are still a little confusing to me
but I believe my new favorite is Fairy-Kei
which most closely reflects my own personal style.

I haven't really had a chance to share most of my looks
from the last past year
mostly because I'm picky
and like them to be staged and what not
but for 2011 I plan on setting up my tripod
and just focussing in on what I'm wearing.

One other fashion style to come out of Japan
is Mori Girl or "Forest Girl".
I just had to share this picture
doesn't she just look so angelic?

So what are your pre-New Year's resolutions?
Don't worry you still have time...
I'm just curious if anyone else is feeling really excited
for a fresh start - on the right foot
and to make it even better maybe in a new pair of shoes!

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Megan V said...

I definitely always feel better when I dress a bit weird than when I dress normal!!! I don't feel anything...when I dress normal. I'm afraid that because I work "at home" now...that I do not make the effort as much as I should and I've been trying to fix that! I agree you totally have a Japanese style sensibility about you chelsea ann. Embrace it!!! xoxo

apparentlyjessy said...

No being 'normal' doesn't suite you at all Chelsea because you are a special, super cute gal!
I love the outfits you've been inspired by from Japan, they do have the best ideas don't they!?
I would love to see more creativity from you next year, I got slack this year too, so I will be trying to do the same!
I could totally see you owning a 'grilled cheese' shop!! Whatever you dream or desire to do, you can do it Chelsea, cause as much as you doubt yourself, you are really a go-getter, and I believe you can achieve anything that you wish to!

Tara said...

Your grilled cheese shop idea is awesome! Seriously, WHO doesn't love grilled cheese? I always feel better when I am wearing clothes that I love so I really hope you find your own special style in the coming year. I don't think anyone is ever too old or too young to wear what they love! This post is great, Chelsea's wonderful to hear about you dreaming and being upbeat about the new year!