Me and Sgt. Snowman

I woke up this morning to my husband
and the dogs making me snowmen.
as a child I played in the snow all the time with my siblings,
we made forts and giant snowballs
but I never remember having made a real snowman

I didn't dare wait until after going to town for supplies
to bring Sgt. Snowman to life
fearful that he would melt into a puddle
before he ever had his carrot nose.
So as so many of us do, I improvised.
You might notice that he has a 6 cent smile :D

What do you think of my new bangs? I cut them myself :D
They are perhaps a little wonky but I LOVE them!
But I swear one of my eye brows is higher than the other,
is this normal? Or am I just not able to cut or see a straight line?

Sgt Snowman will have some company this evening
I think she looks like the bird lady in Home Alone 2.
Do you see the resemblance?

I haven't had very much money this christmas
to spend on gifts let alone gift wrapping.
so most of my packaging is pretty blasé
using left over wrapping paper from the last couple of years
and scraps of this and that from all over the house.
But I did really love how this one turned out
my little sister is quite the horse girl
in fact the medallion came from one of her own award ribbons.
It's fun to bring new life to items
that would otherwise never find there way out
of the junk drawer.


Tara said...

Your snow people turned out so cute! So did your bangs! One of my eyebrows is higher then the other, but then again, I also cut my own bangs so I could just as well be doing a wonky job! ^_^ Your wrapping looks gorgeous...anyone would be thrilled to get a present wrapped up so lovely!

Allison Drew said...

Haha. I absolutely see the resemblance. Also, I love the red coat you're wearing.

♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

Oh your hair, it's fabulous! I loooove it! You look so pretty!
The gift for your sis is also lovely!
xo Nikki

Kawine said...

you never made a snowman before??? omg!! i can see you've enjoyed it!! snowmen are fun! i absolutely love your new hair.... have a wonderful holiday!! and you're gift wrap is soo pretty... sometimes low budget is good to be creative! ;)

Kay Ellen said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~~~
Hope you are having a blessed week!

What fun...snow for the holidays...

Love the pics of you and the snowmen~~!!

Kay Ellen

мaямellatส said...

your bangs look so cute :)
& that snowman is so huggable!
all those pretty pictures put a big smile on my face :)