A Randomly Wonderful Life

Sometimes the most meaningful of friendships
start in the most unlikely of ways.
As most of my very good friends can tell you
we didn't start off being perfect fits
in fact in most cases quite the opposite
but I very much believe
that the best of friends accept you just as you are.
Many of my friends I have never actually met
we know so much of one another
but the only thing that holds us together
is this vast yet sometimes surprisingly small world
we know as cyber space.
On a rare occasion
I get the chance to meet one of my cyber friends.
it can be awkward at first
bridging the gap from this person you know only in your head
to a real living breathing person sitting across from you
eating an ice cream and making small chat.
But in time you will feel as if you've know each other for ever!

Tara and I have had the opportunity to meet twice now.
Tara and I became friends over time
as she was and continues to be my most loyal fan of my yoyo creations.
We quickly learned we had much in common
including a love for girly fashion and the world of frilly Lolita clothing.
I can't thank my lucky stars enough for bringing Tara into my life.
She is a doll, and the type of friend who likes you just the way you are!

Speaking of loving someone just as they are -
my stubborn pup Miller
is one very lucky guy
that his momma puts up with all his antics
including him sharing my pillow at night
and often leaving me with hardly any room to sleep!

One last bit of silliness I know you will all appreciate
and unlike my husband
will share my giddiness over.
Yesterday I ran into Craft Warehouse
for 2 pieces of fabric
but ended up taking home over 28 yards!
They were having a major major sale -
It was like stepping into crafting paradise!


Kitsune said...

Awwww!!! You're so sweet, my dear! I feel so proud that I get to be featured in a post with wonderful Miller dog! ^_^ I really am so blessed to call you my friend. And I really do love you just the way you are, don't ever change!

Holly Loves Art said...

I always love visiting here!! So much to see and so much talent popping out of the monitor! I hope you'll list your digi kits again. I'd love to see what all you have. Have a lovely day.