Make Life Sweet

What makes the world go round?
What makes life sweet
when every-time you gasp for air
the world only seems bitter and
cold and full of despair
you prepare for the worse with insurance
and good solid investments
for the ground is like ice
the bottom always in sight
but you skate above
but sometimes you are brave
and you glide along free and graceful

I don't want to be afraid of life
but things are tuff
they are not always as sweet as they seem

and yet...
life is also wonderful is it not
we have so much to me grateful for
so many blessings amongst the sorrows

When life gets hard their is nothing to do I suspect
but to be as brave as you can be
and face your problems with a strong heart and mind


I hope you all have a wonderful new year
full of blessings, and good fortune
but if things are not quite as you dreamed
don't ever think you are alone
you are amongst friends here

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Pieceful Bits said...

Chelsea Ann..appreciate what you are saying here. Everyone has their troublesome times. Hope your year brings you much happiness <3
How sweet are those cupcake jewelry boxes?!!!

Diane said...

Beautiful post, Life is sure full of ups and downs.I wanted to get your snail mail address to send that little cowboy baby card to you. I'm sure it would be a delight to the Baby Shower creativeness! Hugs, Diane
email me your address (: