An On Going Saga

I for some reason get stuck on the subject of my hair a lot!
If you type "hair" into finder for my blog
you will find so many posts related to the subject
from my dream hair to my never ending saga
of wanting long hair yet being a pixie cut kind of gal at heart

at present my hair is as long as it has ever been
the length in the front is a whopping 3" past my shoulders
the more it grows the more I bond with it
but then I see a picture of me in a bob
and my heart starts to flutter
I'm so close to having long hair for the first time
that I dare not give up now but
oh how I dream of my easy stylish bob
and no more curlers
so in hopes of keeping my eye on the prize
I've been surrounding myself with great hair
kind of like how when people want to get thin
they might post pictures of models in the fridge
to remind themselves that cookie dough
is very very bad :0
Oh what do they know!

I recently subscribed to this blog
this gals hair is REALLY long but I really love
the historical hairstyles that she recreates step by step
So it's no surprise that I am having a bit of an issue
deciding on my first wig for my Pullip
YES she is in the mail as of yesterday!
I can't wait to play with her
but as her wig is VERY elaborate
I think it will be necessary to purchase her a wig asap

I've narrowed it down to two wigs
of coarse they are widely different
at first I was really really into the red
but now the 60's style blond wig
is kind of pulling in front
and then yet?
OH gosh would you mind letting me know which is your favorite?

both wigs are from etsy seller


sassypackrat said...

Oh the blonde wig with the bump and swoops is so precious, so that's my vote!

Teresa said...

Oh the blonde...the blonde!
Love it...
So much spunk!
And I know what you mean about the hair getting longer!
You love it...but the short cut seems to be so bouncy and chic!
But living here in the Northwest...I must be able to flip mine up to wear!
Can't do that so easy when it's short...but it sure looks chic and cute!

Retro Plants said...

i say go for the sixties blonde wig!
i LOVE it.
but. . . i am also on a Mad Men kick. . . so. . . my opinion might not be the best! ;)

p.s. your hair has always been GORGEOUS hon!
but. . . hang in there dear. . . growing out hair can be hard. . .
just think. . . a pony tail is just as easy as a bob! ha! ;)

Anonymous said...

*i favor the BLONDE*
(as a blondie myself)...
go with your heart.
The elebrate Marianne (?) doll you purchased looks Gorgeous!
Have fun with "your" Hair!!!
Perhaps buy a wig or extensions for yourself!!! cupcake smiles,

Sandy Michelle said...

Eeek go for the second wig! It's so YOU (I mean her..tee,hee)!

Sandy xox

Danielle said...

the blonde is amazing! i LOVE pullips! congrats!

Medical Wigs said...

Blonde is always a good choice for getting the best look for partying. They are looking very attractive. Great work.

Megan V said...

Wow. Those dolls are sweet looking. Sort of like those Blythe dolls? I don't know much about dolls at all but these look really cool and have a fashion edge to them. Get the BLONDE!