Sweet Marie

Alas my Sweet Marie Digital Kit is finally finished!
a perfect reflection of my sweet sugary side

Aren't these sugar sculptures just stunning?!

Here is a breakdown of what you will find in the kit

The perfect kit for a wedding scrapbook!

I was rather surprised by the lack of information on-line
regarding the Lady Elizabeth Compton
in-fact I could not even recover this same portrait
but I was so taken by her beauty that I had to share

In researching for this Kit
I also came across many detailed fashion drawings
in my Libraries clipping files
(for those of you new to my blog... the clipping files are collections of images from books and such that have fallen apart. The sad thing is that they don't document the sources. But it is a great recourse for the local art community of Portland. )

I also wanted to share my small collection of photographs
from my trip to Europe in 2004.
I was so ignorant at the time of what I was really experiencing
it is so unreal now to look back on these snapshots and realize
the history that was played out in Versailles
and that I was able to walk among it's great rooms
and wonder around the paths of the gardens
and in away... see the world through Marie Antoinette eyes.

There is much more I want to show you
but we have had no sun
well I should say - no sun after I am off work
or on the weekends
so as soon as I can I will take some pictures of the Sweet Marie kit as it looks printed
and also I have finished my own wedding scrapbook
and once I figure out how to get it onto my blog I will share that as-well

Have a lovely weekend!

~ Chelsea Ann


Cottage Cozy said...

What a fabulous kit...love it!

Rose said...

Hi Chelsea Ann! Your sweet marie kit looks really lovely. And the photos of your Europe trip look amazing! I hope to go over to Europe one day too.


Sadie Lou said...

You MUST get those listed on LolliShops! You know we're all about Marie over there!
Wonderful! Simply Divine!!

milk and cookeez said...

How Beautiful! Such a contrast from your last kits, but like all of the others-the details are the best. Another Wonderful job Chelsea Ann-<3 it!

apparentlyjessy said...

I am so proud of you Chelsea! Another gorgeous digital kit, you never stop impressing me with your design skills, you have such an eye for putting together beautiful images and such talent in creating your own too!
The fashion from that era is very fascinating, I would love to know what it was like to get that dressed up every day!
Hope you have had a lovely weekend too xox