She's HERE!!!!!

To play as a child
is to allow ourselves to disconnect
and explore our deepest of imagination
their are no true rules to play
only the interference of "mature" thought

My sweet Marianne arrived just the other day!
She is my very first fashion doll
I have been pining for one for what seemed like an infinity
and now that I have her
I know what it is like
to be so infatuated
with a doll!

It truly was love at first sight
I had been browsing the web for a Blythe Doll
but when I gazed upon my screen at Marianne my heart took a flutter
I knew instantly that she was to be mine

I knew from the get go that I would need to get her new locks
her royal due - just would not do
I was however ignorant that her beautiful masterpiece a top her head
would be glued!
and so without thought I started to yank it off!
My husband (already irritated at her sticker price)
could not possible understand my reasoning
and promptly ordered me to research the subject
but as it turns out
I was right!

Sadly, however, her hair is still in transit for the Eastern World
So she is quite au natural at the moment
I do plan on taking proper pictures of her in her original outfit and hair
but I have two special places in mind
and so she and I will have to be patient.

I was thinking of changing her name to China
as my first thought when I opened her
was that she looked just like one of the dolls
in my grandmothers China hutch
so perfect and delicate
but I have decided I will leave her name
just as it is
My Sweet ~ Marianne

LOL Speaking of someone else who is very sweet!
I love my Miller dog.
Although as I have started to order a few outfits and things for my doll
I am TERRIFIED of him eating them
before I am able to pick the mail off the ground
Whom ever came up with the idea of having the mail slot in the door
obviously did not have a dog
we have a box just by the door for packages
but no matter how often I try to reason with our mail carrier
she just doesn't seem to get that my Miller baby
loves anything that has some padding to it
no matter how small it may be

It's hard to find the time to sit down
and write a post as often as I would like
so given I have some how settled in-front of this one
I think it best I continue with some other items I would like to share

Thank You Chelsea Ling
also a happy little reminder
that I contribute to this wonderful blog every Monday

Have you by any chance been here as of late?
This is my shop doncha know
yet you might be confused right -
because I am an etsy seller right?
well I actually was an etsy seller
then I left etsy and joined Lollishops
when it just first launched
I lived out all the tweaks and glitches of this new venue
for I truly believed it was a splendid idea
to capture all things cute, frou fou, pink and kitschy all in one place
yet as all new things do - it had it's downsides
and I did so start to miss the convinces and such
of etsy land
so NO ONE was more excited
when Lollishops changed gears and became a referral site
now I have the best of both worlds!

If you click on my Shop icon on the right side of my blog
you will first be directed to my Lollishops
I simple adore how my shop looks
once your interest is sparked you just click on
"Add to Cart" or the etsy mini below
and you are redirected to my etsy site
easy peasy!

I had always assumed that most of my shops traffic
would come from etsy itself
but I was WRONG!
The majority of my numbers come from either my blog or Lolli-shoppers!

I know these numbers are small to read
but generally my numbers are much higher in Lollishops
especially after a duration of time
when my items get lost in the etsy labyrinth
I still need a LOT of growth in numbers
to really be where I want to be
but every little thing helps

Also I love Lollishops because every once in a while
you find yourself on the front page :)

These are just the ones I spotted
in just the last two weeks

Well I've got to go make lunch for my man
Hope you are having a lovely weekend
~ Chelsea Ann


Kawine said...

this doll is gorgeous! wow!
you make me laugh, you have a dog... and i have a 20 months daughter that loooves dolls... so mine is hidden most of the time... if she sees her, we can hear a big "ooooooooooooooohhh!"... oops.
so have fun with your new friend, ha ha!

Diane said...

Chelsea Ann-It sure was nice talking to you on the phone yesterday, and your doll is beautiful, she sure is going to be loved. Did you get my envelope with the cowboy Baby announcement before your little dog friend found it? I hope it made a complete save arrival
oxox, Diane

apparentlyjessy said...

Gah! I am so jealous of your doll! I look forward to seeing more pictures of her as you dress her up and personalise her. China is a lovely name.