The Big 2Five!

Well the big 25 has finally rolled around
wow! Time just keeps speeding by
the older I get the faster it goes
not sure how that works!?
The day has started out quite to my liking
can you say SPOILED?!
Because I can!!!
My parents got me the small Shark Steamer
I already have the mop and it Rocks!
They also are recording there entire Disney collection for me!!!
That is like 50 movies that I can click and play!!!!
Jim got me a Record player for my 33s! YEAH!!!
& Tonight we are having cake and beer with some new friends :)
A very Happy Day indeed! YEAH :)

Make sure you stop by
for a really insightful interview
with Linnette of Paper Glitter
She is adorable - just like her creations
She creates the sweetest kawaii b-day kits
some of which you can grab for FREE!

Digi Kits from the usual suspects!
and a bit of lil' ol' me :)


Fallon said...

beer and cake....yum =P

Happy Birthday =)

Erin said...

happy birthday!

Pink Trees Studio said...


Retro Plants said...

Happy HAPPY Birthday honey!
sounds DEE-lightful!
play some 33's for me, ok? ;)

sassypackrat said...

A very Happy Birthday to You!

Megan V said...

Happy 25th Birthday Chelsea Ann!! 25 is a great age to be and I hope you enjoy every moment of it!!!

Grace's Dollhouse said...

I have the shark vacuum and I LOVE it. I want the steamer! Though I will say I'm way more jealous of all the Disney movies you are going to have now. It is my goal to slowly collect all of the old flicks from when I was little. Just got the old Alice in Wonderland a couple of weeks ago :)

♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

Whoopeee! Happy birthday :D! I made you a little digi present on my flickr :), hope you like!
Enjoy your day cute girl!

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweetie,
happy birthday
wow 25!!! good times.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Have a good one! :)

Martha said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Chelsea Ann!

Alycia (The Curious Pug) said...

yay! happy birthday! 25 is a nice solid # :)

Rose said...

Happy birthday gorgeous girl!
I just turned 25 last month too, its quite scarey heading towards 30 I think. Theres so much I want to accomplish in the next 5 years!


Creative Breathing said...

Chelsea Ann, The happiest of birthdays to you! All good things are wished your way in your new home and your new life. Happy, Happy! Elizabeth

Sandy Michelle said...

Happy 25th Chelsea Ann! Gosh you are so!

Sandy xoxx

minitoko said...

it's never too late to wish you a Joyeux anniversaire ! 25 is great !

Holly Loves Art said...

Thanks for "friending" me on flickr! I just had to pop over to your blog after seeing all your yummy flickr pics! You have a beeeeautiful blog here!

Happy 25th birthday! I remember that birthday... it was such a fun one - seems like yesterday (but it wasn't!).


Cassidy said...

happy birthday dearie !

much love <3

Anonymous said...

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