The Cherry Festival

Hi Everyone!
First off omg you are all the best blogging community of peeps ever!
Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!!! You made my day :)

Last Saturday was the end of a long four day festival
in the town I now call home
Why they have continued the cherry festival is beyond me
there is not a cherry orchard to be found in this small little valley
my grandmother said when she was a young girl
the valley was just thick with orchards
the locals I spoke to when we first moved here all implied that the
festival is a bit of a joke... with all the cherries being imported in for the event
but in a small town like Emmett this is the highlight of the year
and it was pretty fun
all the tradition fun of a small town fair without the rodeo
(which in my opinion the rodeo is the best part of the fair.)
The best part of the festival were all the great folks I met
and maybe even a few new friends ^^
but I don't think I'll set up a booth next year
the demographic was either too afraid to enter my little pink bubble
or between spending all their money on sweet carny foods and the rides
they were simple max-d out

I'm really happy with how my booth displays turned out
as I haven't had a job in a while I had to think outside of the box
and turn rarely used household items into one of a kind display pieces

I couldn't accomplish even half of my hair-brain ideas if it wasn't for my hubby
I always think things are going to be really simple
but I'm pretty much always wrong
but the sweet guy sticks by me and sees the projects through :)
How to display the headbands was the biggest challenge
they are so top heavy and well honestly who really
has ever seen a great headband display?
So I am so dang proud of - it was pretty simple too
Just two large estate sale frames, some plastic coated chicken wire,
spray paint, and tiny cloths line clips
Sorry I forgot to get a picture of it
but you can see it in a bunch of the pictures

I purchased this blanket stand from Ikea last year but really never used it
a few eye hooks and bracing and wha-laa
I started off by hanging my cards on the lower portions
but later switched it too more headbands

This plastic holder was given to me by a doctor who was moving his practice
I truly lucked out that the size of my items fit perfectly!

I really can't say enough on the subject of spray paint
before you throw something out
try giving it a fresh new color!

These crowns ended up being a total flop
but then again when I just started giving them away
it made me smile from ear to ear to see the happiness it brought to others

I think I will work on making templates to share online :)

While I didn't make very many sales
it sure was overwhelmingly special to see my work on beautiful girls
and to see their eyes light up when they tried on my headbands

This little girl stopped by twice
she knew instantly which headband she wanted
oh my goodness isn't she the cutest most adorable little girl ever!!!?

a few times a group of girls would come in who just got me
or I got them! It was fun to share in their excitement
I guess in a small town everything is always the same
and I would imagine year to year not much of anything truly unique come through
but watch out Emmett - this gal isn't afraid to be different! ^^

Doesn't this girl have the most rock'n hair for my headbands?

She was wearing a mickey mouse t-shirt
so well I instantly loved her -haha!

I wish I had taken self pics each day
but for some reason it slipped my mind and I only got the last two days

Hubby agreed to buy me a cowboy hat at the fair
but I think he thought I wanted a "real" hat and not a $6 carny hat
but I knew it would be perfect for my Cherry Rodeo Princess look

The last day was my Cherry Merry Muffin look
oh how I love any reason to dress up
haha not that I really need a reason :)

My Aunt who shared the booth space with me
rocked a kilt the last day!
We were quite a pair :)

I'll be adding tuns and tuns of new items to my etsy shop this week
but for now my house and lawn are in desperate need of my attention :(


Cindy Jaeger said...

Are you serious? You are so adorable and your booth is amazing!!! All of those lucky people got to see your things in real life! :) I totally would have bought one of those crowns for my little girl :) She's only 7 months old but she'd grow into it! I love love love your setup! So cute!

♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

Oh my god I'm shaking with enthusiasm by seeing all these picks. How do you do it? How do you
become so amazing? I want to buy everything in your booth and oh my gosh I so love your Cherry Merry Muffin look. Where do you get dresses like that??? Girl, if only you would set up your booth in would totally be sold out, mark my words!

Holly Loves Art said...

Your booth is scrumptious and you are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing all the gorgoeus and colorful photos! Ahhhhh...

Tara said...

Awwwww, super cute! And I totally want the red, white, and blue deery headband!

Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

Oh gosh hun! It looks like you had a blast!! Wish you had more sales,but I am sure the fest was super fun anyway!! :-) You look darling as usual and your creations are always super cute!! Love your display ideas!! huge hugs!! xoxo!!!!! B

Megan V said...

Aww! Even though you said it wasn't too much of a "success" *sales* wise... I think your display and products both looked great and you're on top of your game!! Keep pushing and being you, Chelsea Ann - the world needs you :)

Cute As A Cupcake said...

#1) You are so creative and unique! I love your style. It's shocking to me that you live in a "small town".

#2) You look far too young to be the mother of 2 big girls! You look maybe 21-22.

#3) I ran across your site from Flicker and may be your biggest fan already!


steph said...

I came across your site from Flickr also. Your stuff is too cute!
AND, the biggest shocker of reading all of this is my parents were born and raised in Emmett. I still have a grandma there and lots of aunts and uncles. I spent all of my summer vacations there growing up and went to EVERY SINGLE cherry festival. So fun!