Summer Frills

I am quite late in sharing this very exciting news...
my work was published in this Summer's Altered Couture

As I love fashion it seems fitting in some ways
that this would be my first appearance in a publication
yet I don't sew a lick and this has pretty much been my one and only
altered fashion experiment

I did find it amusing that they "altered" my piece
by taking the ribbons off the brooch
I wonder why? hmmmm

It was a very unreal and exciting honor for me
and I hope it will be just the first of many ^^

So now that Summer is finally here
I am excited to adventure outdoors and find great places
to photograph my Project Dress Up looks

I'm working on a collection of photo-shoots at the moment to showcase
my Yoyo Headbands
I was lucky enough to have two photographers for this shoot
but in a matter of 5 minutes I was eaten alive by mosquitoes
this shot was accidental - I was either itching or slapping at a pesky squeter
I'm not sure if I was ill that night from the bites or my dinner
but either way it was quite unpleasant :(

These were taken at the Black Canyon Dam
would be such a pretty place to have a wedding
Yesterday was our 3rd Anniversary!
Unfortunately Jim was off on a business trip

I was just reflecting this morning on how much I love our new life in Idaho
It's been such a good change for both Jim and I
My anxiety is so much better
and Jim is - well he is so much more the young man I fell in love
with almost 7 years ago
City life was just not for us
nor was all the rain!
I hope you all have the courage to follow your hearts
if you feel like you just don't belong where you are

P.S. My blog may or may not be under a bit of construction in the days to follow


Vintagesquirrel said...

Congratulations on getting published, Chelsea! Personally, I think it looks better with the ribbons , too.

So glad to hear that you and your honey have found yourselves in a place that feels more like home.


Megan V said...

Congratulations on being published, Chelsea Ann!!! That is very exciting :). I know from personal experience that in the creative industry, especially fashion - almost everything changes. I am not at all surprised that they took the ribbons off! Not because they don't look cute but because, well, because they could. Lol.

I am also so glad to hear that you are happy with your new life in Idaho. I, too, am feeling so good with my new life in Iowa. Less anxiety as well! Way less!


Pink Trees Studio said...

Going to buy a copy tomorrow!!! The photos are so sweet, even though you were being eaten alive by mosquitoes :~)

♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

Congrats girl! I don't know why they took the ribbons off either, they look fabulous! Hey I see you have a new blog design? It's amazing I love it! And, what do I spot it
my button? <3 ! Wowzah! Thank you!

maybe*mej said...

what a lovely photo of you