Doodley Doo - Why Don't You?

Morning! Oh my it's really not morning at all!
In fact I believe it is past 1 in the afternoon
I guess that's what happens to you when you take
a strong pain killer at 2 in the morning
this post was suppose to be sent out yesterday
but as I was under the weather
and then the weather its self made me frightful
to keep my computer on
I am just now getting around to it :(

You may notice that I've been working on my blog
not 100% finished yet
I do apologize that its loading slower than before
but I am really happy with the look I created :)
I'm curious - if it is translating properly for
Internet Explorer users?

This post is to invite all my artist pals
to join me in a little project I started to help myself
be more diligent in creating art on a regular basis.
The idea is really simple
Each Monday a new topic will appear at the top of my right sidebar
This weeks topic is friendship
(Click on the "Doodleu Doo" tab above this post
for all the topics this month?

The idea is to use the topic as a starting point to create from
You can create in any media, and your work can be at any level of completion
from a rough sketch in your sketchbook - to a finished illustration
If you would like to join in
simple add your work to the Doodley Doo Flickr group or e-mail me
There is no pressure. Play along one week and skip the next
work ahead or even work behind
I just hope a few of you will join
because it will make this a whole lot more fun!
I've made an HTML grab button for your blogs
if you would like to share that you are participating

Every Monday I will post my weeks work and perhaps maybe even yours :)
Well I best be off to start my day

~ Chelsea Ann


Sandy said...

This blog is just so much fun!!!!! I just love it!!!!! And yes, it is perfect and it loaded just fine speed have done a fantastic job with this. I am sorry you having some health issues....take care! Sandy

cindy said...

What an adorable doodle, just so sweet! I love it. Hope you are out from under the weather soon!


Anonymous said...
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♥ Liefgeval ♥ said...

Yes! I love this idea! I've been looking for more structure to add to my blog. I'll be sure to give it a try!
huggg <3